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Customer service and your car wash business.

Welcome to tip #6 in our series “Running a successful car wash business” where we aim to provide helpful advice to new and existing car wash owners in a bid to assist them in increasing customer patronage, revenue stream and profit margins. Whether you’re starting a car wash business or wanting to expand or upgrade your upgrade your car wash business equipment, we’re here to help. 

When running a successful car wash business, it is often the small details make all the difference. It’s the little gestures that can be the key differences differentiating your facility from your competitors and achieving customer loyalty.

What are your customer’s needs? 

First, it helps if you can ascertain what your customers want and how they perceive your car wash facility? What is their motivation to come and wash their vehicle?  Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and listen to them carefully.

Listen, talk, act.

First, identify their needs by collecting information direct from your customers and then take the action necessary to cater to their requirements.

It’s all about the small details

It is important to give clear and concise instructions to your customers about how they use your facility and operate your car wash equipment.  Instructions, signals, signs and symbols must also be readily available and easy to understand and interpret. Customers must feel comfortable leaving their vehicle with you and/or using your car wash equipment. Minimising uncertainty and eliminating anxiety about the unknown are fundamental premises.  Clients should have access to the information they require and made to feel safe.

Maintenance and cleanliness

Another vital aspect that often goes unnoticed at many car wash businesses is maintenance of equipment and the cleanliness of the facility. No-one likes to wash their clothes in a filthy washing machine or their dishes in a dirty dishwasher, nor does anyone want to wash their car in a facility that is less than perfect. More information about car wash maintenance »

Assist your customers

Your car wash programs must be presented in an attractive way so customers find options and instructions easy to read and in a clear language that can be understood by all users. Consider making car wash assistants available to customers who encounter problems understanding how to operate your equipment. Users are not program experts but they do know when their car is dirty.

These small and effortless changes can yield excellent results in improving customer retention.  Consider introducing loyalty programs to reward customers.

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Are you starting a car wash business or want advice on how to improve your current facility?

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