Istobal J’Wash4 Self Serve

Caring for your customers and the planet.

The future demands maximum resource optimisation. The Istobal J’Wash4 jet wash will optimise your business while taking care of the needs of your customers whilst considering the planet. 
istobal jwash 4 jet wash

Features – J’Wash4 Jet Wash

With the Istobal J’Wash4, sustainability and user experience are always in focus. 

Control and Safety
  • Remote configuration, control and diagnostics with connectivity.
  • Flexibility: Configuration of different programmes.
  • Permanent machine information.
  • Control of chemical dosing.
Chemical, Water and Energy Savings
  • Frequency inverters.
  • Flowmeters.
  • Homogeneous dosing (chemical injection with optimised dosing system).
  • Modular floor heating system depending on outdoor temperature.
Ultra Compact Design
  • All technology up to 4 bays concentrated on less than 1m2.
  • Self-supporting, cost-saving installation.
  • Space optimisation.

Technology Excellence

The Istobal J’Wash4 raises the standard for self serve jet washes with a high-pressure lance, offering professional vehicle wash facilities and service stations a new business dimension.

  • SIEMENS Frequency Drive Controlled CAT Pressure Pumps
  • Programming and machine communication with 4″ or 7″ touchscreen and SIEMENS main control unit
  • Flexible and customised configuration of each wash programme
  • Standard supply for 3 types of water (mains, osmosis and hot) plus 4th water as an option or shampoo powder
  • Capable of handling up to 8 chemical dosers

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