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Welcome to tip #7 in our series “Running a successful car wash business” where we aim to provide helpful advice to new and existing car wash owners in a bid to assist them in increasing customer patronage, revenue stream and profit margins. Whether you’re starting a car wash business or wanting to expand or upgrade your upgrade your car wash business equipment, we’re here to help. 

In the day to day running of your car wash business, you would  have identified a variety of different customer types who frequent your establishment, for example:

  1. the professionals who come to wash their taxi, van, truck or motorcycle;
  2. weekenders making the most of the weekend to wash their car with their family;
  3. environmentally-friendly motor car owners;
  4. car lovers pampering their vehicles; and
  5. time poor Mums and Dads seeking a quick and easy car wash solution.

As a business owner it’s important you pay attention to the various needs of these different customers to build repeat business. To this end, we have listed below some tips to assist in establishing loyalty with customer #1 – the professional.

As you know, professional customers use their car, motorcycle, truck or van to work. With this in mind, they are very familiar with the car wash world, as they frequent car washes on a regular basis.  Having a good image with their customers is basic to them, so they really want their working tool to be impeccable. So, what can you do to help them?

It’s likely they won’t just use the rollover,  or the jet washes; they are likely to use accessories such as vacuums, mat cleaners and tyre pumps.  With this in mind we recommend you offer discounts and cross promotions between the different car care services you offer.

These customers may also like to be kept up to date with car wash equipment and car cleaning products.  Your role is key in this regard – as the owner or manager of your facility, you are ultimately the best person to inform them about the advantages of new products and to adapt them to their needs.

The quality of the service you provide is also essential. These clients need a perfect, quality finish every time.  Pay attention to machine maintenance and, where applicable, incorporate accessories for vehicle interior cleaning.  Keep them up to date with any environmentally friendly products and methods you use.

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And finally, if they’re happy, professional customers tend to use the same car wash facility again and again.  This is where the implementation of loyalty programs can make a different and improve sales.

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