The M’Wash4 is efficient, intuitive and exciting. 

(Istobal’s M’Wash4 is the new, upgraded version of the M’Nex32). 

The new Istobal M’Wash4 automatic rollover car wash offers more efficient, intuitive and exciting technology that will satisfy the demands from customers.
The M’Wash4, with its rotating boom and vertical moving side dryers, offers better washing and drying capabilities – even in difficult to reach areas.
New software means a more intensive and intelligent scrubbing process and smoother machine movement.
istobal mwash4 carwash


The drying revolution
  • The 360 degree rotating drying process has a longer route to reach difficult areas
  • The innovative adaptive side drying has three self-adjusting positions.
Intuitive technology
  • A new touch-screen, using the latest in innovative software, means new solutions in program configuration.
  • Brush pressure settings have been simplified.
  • ‘Smartwash ready’ connectivity function.
Maximum performance
  • Achieve higher productivity due to easier positioning and removal of the vehicle.
  • Optimised brush movements mean more agile washing.
  • Vertical brush scrubbing and wheel washes can be customised for each program, resulting in an improved adjustment of washing time.


A safer experience

The integrated wheel wash, with wider vertical brushes, leads to easy position and exiting of the vehicle.

There is easier and secure access for repairs and maintenance points.

Unintended access points to the inside of the columns disappears.

Designed to excite

The M’Wash4’s has a sleek and elegant design that has been inspired by home automation and electric vehicles. It features soft lines and great visual cleanliness with user-orientated backlit panels for easy visibility. The innovative use of a range of materials improves aesthetics and functionality.

istobal mwash 4 rollover car wash 10

The Complete Istobal M’Wash Range

Istobal’s M’Wash range is a new generation of automatic rollover car washes that use the most efficient and connected technology available to increase profitability whilst enhancing the user experience. 

istobal mwash carwash range


Innovation working to the benefit of th user.

M’Wash3 Pro

Optimum technology. Innovative design.


Great performance, whatever your needs.


Versatility with a compact design.