Car wash maintenance tips for cleaning your rollover machine

car wash maintenance

car wash maintenance

Automatic rollover car wash machines.

What cleaning products should you use to clean and maintain your automatic car wash equipment

Step 1 : Preparation

First, before you do any servicing work, cut off access to the facility and prevent all vehicles and persons from entering. We recommend using warning cones or fences to prevent people from entering the area. Next, move the machine to the required position and switch off the power at the main switch. Cut off the air and water too. Once the machine is ready and the area is safe, use all the protective equipment you may need to start the maintenance tasks: boots, vest, safety goggles, and gloves. Your safety is important. Proceed with extreme care.

Step 2 : Cleaning

Ensure you use only products recommended by your Good Sight service technician or the car wash manufacturer. You will need a variety of products for different purposes: degreasing, polishing metal surfaces, removing scale, washing screens, washing textile or polyurethane-foam brushes with concentrated shampoo, and even eliminating ice from the floor or removing graffiti.

Do not climb on the top of the horizontal brush, the central dryer or the machine to perform any action, whether it is for maintenance or repairs. Always use a certified ladder to reach all areas required for cleaning and maintenance.

Remember not to wash fairings and the machine chassis with high-pressure water (max.3 bar / 42 psi) since it could damage the paintwork, structure or electrical components. If you use compressed air, it should be dry and completely free of water. And to keep the pipes, solenoid valves and nozzles clean.  To clean the brushes, use brush cleaning products which are appropriate to their composition. Use water at a maximum temperature of 45ºC.

Limescale is possibly one of a car wash business owners biggest cleaning problems. Lime build-up will very much depend on the quality of the wash water at your facility.  Appropriate water treatment equipment will help in this regard.  Ask your Good Sight representative for the best product to remove limescale at your facility.

And on the bays, a good chlorinated cleaning agent will leave your facility spotless every day.

The condition of the stainless steel in rollover machines is paramount.  These machines are continuously exposed to oxidizing agents such as moisture and adverse weather conditions. A good stainless steel protector will preserve surfaces.

And do not forget brushes. Use a concentrated shampoo for brush cleaning to ensure they maintain their effectiveness and increase durability.  Some products contains a powerful algaecide that prevent fungi and mould from growing and eliminate foul smells at the same time.

Important: Before using any cleaning product, read the data sheet and the label and follow the preparation and application steps.

Step 3 : Cleaning and maintenance schedule

Your Good Sight car wash installer will provide you with a written maintenance schedule recommended for your car wash facility (see an example at the bottom of this page for the Istobal M’NEX22 rollover machine).

Most car wash manufacturers recommend cleaning the car wash bays on a daily basis and clean the machine’s structure and fairings monthly. This frequency can depend on weather conditions, location of the machine (whether it’s inside an enclosure or outdoors) and usage.

The cleanliness and condition of your car wash machines and self service bay can make or break your business. Present your customers with a clean and tidy area the will build trust with your customers and make it a pleasant experience for them to visit your business.

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automatic car wash maintenance
Cleaning and maintaining your Istobal automatic car wash. Source: Istobal.