Starting a car wash business – attracting motorbike owners to your car wash

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Car wash business tips.

Your car wash business doesn’t need to be all about customers with cars. Motorbikes should also be welcomed to your facility. Taking care of two-wheeled vehicles is as important as with any other means of transport.

How to attract motorbikes to your car wash business

  1. Allocate a safe, dry place for your motorbike customers to leave their helmets and jackets.
  2. Advise customers to use the jet wash option, positioning their motorbike in the middle of the bay.  Ensure the side-stand rests on a smooth surface and prevents water from entering the exhaust pipe.
  3. The bike should be pre-washed to remove mud and insects remains. Focus should be placed on the rims of the rear tires and the front of the vehicle, where mosquitoes tend to stick.
  4. After the pre-wash, wash the motorbike with hot high-pressure water and then rinsed. Customers should be very careful of the control panel, avoiding applying high-pressure water directly on it.
  5. Make sure you allow a suitable area for customers to dry their motorbike, along with suitable equipment such as a manual dryer or paper towels.  At the very least, they will need to dry the seat, mirrors and other contact areas.

New jet wash accessories designed for motorbikes

Ask us about Istobal’s JetWash (J’Wash4) self serve car washing accessories especially designed to make the washing of motorbikes easier for your customers. We are exclusive distributors of all Istobal car wash supplies. The video below shows the Istobal Self Serve Jet Wash being used to wash a motorbike.

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Article source: Istobal Car Wash Equipment