Self Serve Car Washes

Our self serve car wash equipment ranges from simple single bay stand-alone units through to multi bay facilities with off-site monitoring. Self serve car washes are a great way to compliment an automatic car wash facility to fulfil all your customer’s vehicle wash requirements.

We offer various customisable options including underbody wash, outboard engine flush, dual push and button control panels, boat wash, as well as various activation and payment solutions. 

These are available in a number of design configurations and can be used for many applications including: 

  • Combined automatic and manual car wash sites
  • Car detailing businesses
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Commercial wash sites
  • Hand car wash sites

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self serve car wash equipment

Istobal Jet Wash

The new generation of jet washes AVANT offers a multitude of features and flexibility in order to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. It comes with a wide variety of programs so that each wash becomes a unique experience.

More information about the Istobal’s self serve jet wash »

self serve car wash system

Multi-bay Self Serve Car Wash

Built and designed in Australia for the local car wash market . The pump bench and frame are manufactured from stainless steel so as to give many years of trouble-free service. Available in 2 to 6 bay configurations that can be setup and configured to meet various site specific designs.

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foam car wash

Auto-Valet Self Serve Car Wash

The stand alone auto valet self serve unit is an ideal revenue making option for that unused area on your site or car park.

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mosmatic dryer

Mosmatic Self Serve Car Wash Dryer

The Mosmatic dryer is the new, profit-generating attraction in self-service car wash systems.

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ultra jet heavy vehicle car wash

Ultra Jet Self Serve Truck Wash

The Ultra Jet is an Italian manufactured – high pressure universal wash system suitable for heavy vehicle fleet owners, automotive dealerships and industrial users.

More information about the Ultrajet self serve truck wash  »

Self service car wash supplies

Choosing the right foam for your self serve car wash facilities

Your car lover customers relish in washing and pampering their vehicle.  Using the right foams in your self serve car wash business ensures outstanding performance and a thoroughly rewarding experience for your customers and their vehicles.

High density and wetting power are the main features of active foams. The high consistency of the foam allows it to cover all areas of the vehicle so the product can work on the bodywork longer. The foam itself has self-cleaning properties, which makes it more efficient against insect remains or stubborn dirt.

When using a self service jet wash, a large amount of foam is generated, seeping into the dirt, and protecting and enhancing the bodywork at the same time. The foam should cover the vehicle with a thick layer of concentrated and soapy shampoo that makes the car look like a cotton ball. The secret to a good foam is the right balance between density and adherence so that it is easy to rinse off.

Some foams suitable for self service jet washes are available in different fragrances and a range of colours to provide an added sensory experience for your customers.

The Colorfusion range by Istobal is made up of three basic colours. When applied, an attractive palette of different colour shades is created, with a pleasant cherry scent and a spectacular visual effect. This is due to its special composition, which makes the foam stay longer over the surface, softening even the most embedded dirt and significantly improving the finish. We are Australia’s exclusive distributors of Istobal products so ask us about adding this product to your car wash business.

Besides being biodegradable, even pigmented foams vanish in contact with water so both consumption and environmental impact are reduced.

Advice on self service car wash equipment

For advice on choosing the right self service equipment for your car wash business, contact the experienced team at Good Sight’s national head office. We are Australia’s leading car wash suppliers for car wash businesses, fleet owners, automotive dealerships and rental companies.  We supply and service all Australian States and Territories.

good sight car wash suppliers

We are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash systems, supplies and equipment

Good Sight are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment including:

 We can work with you in every stage of starting or improving your car wash business from design to completion and then servicing and maintenance.

We have been offering Australia-wide sales & service since 1968 and were the first suppliers of automatic car wash systems in the country. Since then we have always been able to pride ourselves as offering a highly professional level of service and support to our clients.

We offer a full range of vehicle wash services including car wash installation, upgrades and maintenance for car wash businessespetroleum retailersautomotive dealershipsfleet and rental car businesses.  

We can also assist with a range of car wash accessories including coin-operated car vacuumsvending machines and dog washes.

Flexible car wash equipment finance options

Having the right machinery and equipment ensures your car wash business operates at the highest level of productivity.

By using our finance options to acquire new car wash equipment, update old machines or integrate accessories you to achieve an immediate return on investment. The new equipment can generate income and create savings that will offset the low monthly payments.

Good Sight can help you arrange the best finance facility for your specific requirements that will make a difference to your business and help you achieve your goals faster.

Contact us for more information about financing a new car wash business or upgrading your existing machinery.

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