Self Serve Equipment

Our self serve car wash equipment ranges from simple single bay stand-alone units through to multi bay facilities with off-site monitoring.

Self serve car washes are a great way to compliment an automatic car wash facility to fulfil all your customer’s vehicle wash requirements.

We offer various customisable options including underbody wash, outboard engine flush, dual push and button control panels, boat wash, as well as various activation and payment solutions.


These are available in a number of design configurations and can be used for many applications and business models including:

  • Combined automatic and manual car wash sites
  • Car detailing businesses
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Commercial wash sites
  • Hand car wash sites
  • Service stations and convenience stores
  • Car park wash areas
self serve car wash machines jwash4

Istobal J’Wash4

The Istobal J’Wash4 jet wash will optimise your business while taking care of the needs of your customers whilst considering the planet. 


Istobal N’JoyWash

When space is at a premium, the Istobal N’JoyWash series is a perfect choice for car wash facility operators.

self serve car wash istobal njoyavant

Istobal N’JoyAvant

Istobal’s N’JoyAvant adds a multitude of features and flexibility to any car wash facility, adapting to the specific needs of each customer.

ginsan versa self serve car wash system

GinSan Versa 

GinSan’s Versa stainless steel self serve vehicle wash system offers reliability and simplicity in a compact design.

ginsan direct ses self serve car wash system

GinSan Direct Drive (SES)

GinSan’s Direct Drive Space Efficient System (SES) is an economical and space-saving self serve solution for any business.

Direct Drive
self serve car wash machine auto valet


The stand alone Auto Valet self serve unit is an ideal revenue making option for an unused area of your site.


Mosmatic Dryer

The Mosmatic dryer is a profit-generating addition to any self serve car wash drying all vehicles efficiently and streak free. 

self serve car wash machine jet blaster

Ultra Jet

The Australian manufactured Ultra Jet is a high pressure, universal self serve car wash system that is suitable for a range of businesses. 

Ultra Jet