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Old car wash equipment upgrades.

Upgrading your car wash equipment may not seem like a viable idea, due to the costs involved, but there will come a time when new equipment may be the best financial solution for your car wash business.

You may have car wash equipment that is outdated and has high maintenance costs. Updated vehicle wash equipment will allow you to save money on potential repair costs and service more customers, which will increase your profits. Older equipment also tends to be less environmentally friendly.

Outdated equipment was built when there were less rules and regulations enforced, or when technology just wasn’t available to make the equipment environmentally friendly or more durable and efficient.

If you aren’t sure if you should replace your old equipment, now is the time to discuss the upgrade options with our experienced team

Not only will the new equipment reduce your overall operating costs, but your customers will be more content  with  your upgraded modern car wash facility ,which in turn would see an increase in your site revenue.

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Is it time to upgrade your car wash business?

Is it time for an upgrade? Once shiny and new, your system has served countless cars over dozens of seasons. If equipment is aging and beginning to cost money in service calls and downtime, it might be time for an upgrade.

Break up, or handle the break down?

Like a car engine, your equipment is the hub of your operation. Good equipment helps maximize carwash usage and increase your return on investment.

It’s tough to know quite when to call in a repair man, or call it quits. Here’s a few red flags. If the equipment is experiencing slow down, you are constantly facing hard-to-fix problems, burdened with pricey repairs or losing efficiency even when your equipment is running, it’s time.

Outlaw the outdated

Just because equipment still works, doesn’t mean you should hold onto it. The initial investment on new equipment can be daunting, but there’s many advantages. Not only is updated equipment environmentally friendly and energy efficient, newer equipment with the latest advancements can serve more cars and save on operating costs, increasing your total revenue and saving money in the long run.

All or nothing?

You don’t have to do it all at once. Give your site a facelift, install modern pay stations or add user-friendly technology to streamline the client experience. Add lighting or update the entry for a bigger impact and brighter show. Know where you rank. Check out the local competition and see what new tools they’ve implemented. Then, work with a professional to create a plan to get you to your upgrade goals.

Smooth operator

Not quite ready to update? Protect your investment with regular maintenance to combat problems before they start. Call on experienced professionals to ensure all parts are clean, well-oiled and in good working condition.

Ready to rumble?

Are you ready to tackle the reno? Save yourself the legwork and call in a carwash professional. They can help assess your need and provide a solution that works with your budget and overall objectives.

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Is your outdated car wash equipment costing you money?

Are you thinking of upgrading your old car wash equipment but worried about the cost of purchasing a new system? Though the cost of purchasing new car wash machines can be daunting, trying to maintain old car wash equipment may end up costing thousands due to operating costs.  Below we outlined the pros and cons of updating versus keeping your old equipment.

Old vs. New: What’s the difference? 

New car wash technology is more cost effective and more efficient.

Today’s car wash technology moves at a faster pace than ever before. When we know better, we do better.  Innovative, new car wash technology is more streamlined and efficient. Here’s a few ways that the use of technology makes car wash equipment more cost effective and efficient:

  • The high-pressure nozzles work quickly and use less water,
  • Computer-controlled systems efficiently control the amount of water your car wash uses per vehicle, and
  • Reclaimed and recycled water systems save water and dollars.
Water waste 

If your car wash equipment is aging, you could be drowning in problems!

Many drought-stricken areas have implemented strict water conservation rules in an attempt to save water.

Inefficient systems can waste litres of water per vehicle, putting a strain on water consumption and forcing many car washes to work on reduced hours or close to meet the area guidelines on usage.

Newer car wash systems implement reclaimed water programs, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Updating your actually equipment saves money

New technology has built-in efficiency and conservation practices that old equipment can’t complete with.

Old systems are water leaches, sucking water reserves and causing costly repairs due to tired and outdated mechanics. They spill and waste litres of water, crank up water bills and struggling parts use more energy.

Though new equipment is an investment upfront, it will pay off over time with reduced bills and lower maintenance costs.

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Increasing your car wash business profits

Looking to drive up your car wash profits? Is your car wash facility optimising your time and money effectively? Are you attracting new customers? Bringing back previous customers? We’ve highlighted a few ways you can increase your profits today.

Clean up your costs

Saving on water and cleaning agents will save on costs. With the environmental landscape changing, businesses have to adapt to remain competitive. Not only are customers looking for more sustainable products and services, like water conservation and less chemicals leeching into the environment, environmentally friendly practices also save you money in the long run. Choose an option that reclaims or recycles water for future wash cycles. Reducing water usage will also help decrease water supply bills, a win-win for both you and the environment.

Go for quality

It’s tempting to save money and go with the cheaper option, but it’s not providing you savings if it’s costing you in the long-term. Invest in equipment that can service your volume without compromising the results. A poor result due to brushes that smear or scratch instead of gently clean means that customer isn’t coming back again. Good quality equipment and parts also last longer, are more reliable and will save you in the long run.

Drive traffic

Slow periods can be a challenge. Promotional campaigns during slow periods, like half-price car wash days, can help drive traffic to your car wash. In addition to traditional advertising  campaigns, hit the social network on gloomy or overcast days. Tweet or post about promotions to reach your customer base instantly.

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We are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash systems, supplies and equipment

Good Sight are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment including:

We can work with you in every stage of starting or improving your car wash business from design to completion and then servicing and maintenance.

We have been offering Australia-wide sales & service since 1968 and were the first suppliers of automatic car wash systems in the country. Since then we have always been able to pride ourselves as offering a highly professional level of service and support to our clients.

We offer a full range of vehicle wash services including car wash installation, upgrades and maintenance for car wash businessespetroleum retailersautomotive dealershipsfleet and rental car businesses.

We can also assist with a range of car wash accessories including coin-operated car vacuumsvending machines and dog washes.

Flexible car wash equipment finance options

Having the right machinery and equipment ensures your car wash business operates at the highest level of productivity.

By using our finance options to acquire new car wash equipment, update old machines or integrate accessories you to achieve an immediate return on investment. The new equipment can generate income and create savings that will offset the low monthly payments.

Good Sight can help you arrange the best finance facility for your specific requirements that will make a difference to your business and help you achieve your goals faster.

Contact us for more information about financing a new car wash business or upgrading your existing machinery.

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