Coin Operated Car Vacuums

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Coin operated vacuum systems for any car wash business

The additional of coin-operated car wash vacuums to your car wash business are a very profitable source of income and a welcome facility for customers.  

Our industrial car vacuums are available as a standard vacuum or with the fragrance option to allow you to offer additional services to your customers. The vacuum body is formed out of a single stainless steel sheet to improve appearance. The controls and coin vault are built into this body, to increase security.

Our car wash vacuum systems can be fitted with an electronic coin validator to allow use by the general public. The coin validator can be programmed to accept a variety of coins and tokens.  A counter is included to enable revenue collection to be monitored. Coin-operated units are fitted with an Australian designed security vault to protect your revenue.

Available in a range of heights to suit various installation locations, they can be supplied with a plain stainless steel finish or the front fascia and hood can be powder coated in a variety of colours to suit site livery.

The vacuum units can also be fitted with a keypad to allow connection to a code activation system. This allows codes to be sold in the shop so as to operate the vacuum without cash. 

Vacuum product features

  • Double service doors offer easy access to clean out compartment and 4 filter bag system
  • Coin acceptor
  • Faceplate and coin box secured with pin locks
  • SSAC 110 volt accumulating timer
  • Lighted dome available in red, blue, yellow, dark green, light green, purple and white (to compliment your car wash business brand)
  • Hose 5cm by 4.5metres, swivel cuff and nozzle included (4.5m, 7.6m, 15.2m hose available in variable dimensions)
  • Optional coin mechanisms, motors, coloured hoses, extra security and clean-out containers available
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Good Sight are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment including:

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Flexible car wash equipment finance options

Having the right machinery and equipment ensures your car wash business operates at the highest level of productivity.

By using our finance options to acquire new car wash equipment, update old machines or integrate accessories you to achieve an immediate return on investment. The new equipment can generate income and create savings that will offset the low monthly payments.

Good Sight can help you arrange the best finance facility for your specific requirements that will make a difference to your business and help you achieve your goals faster.

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