Istobal M’Wash3 Automatic Rollover CARWASH

The M’Wash3 delivers greater wash quality and control.

(Istobal has upgraded the M’NEX22 rolloversto present the new M’Wash3) 
A wash and dry rollover consisting of 2 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controlled by frequency inverters for greater wash quality and control. More flexible and intuitive thanks to multiple configurations, with a design focus on connectivity and the latest technology.
An equipment that marks a milestone in the new generation of Istobal M’Wash rollovers. The most efficient and connected technology for every need.

istobal mwash 3 carwash

Features of the M’Wash3

Control electronics with decentralised peripherals for connection of the technical room elements.
Unified connectivity with the UNIFIED colour touchscreen making the machine 100% connectable (Smartwash ready in case of contracting).
Frequency inverters for greater control of brush rotation.
Better foam application thanks to the upper nozzles that reach the entire vehicle profile.
21L or 42L on-board pump to minimise equipment in plant room and allow high pressure operations with a lower power feed.
Stackable high-pressure solenoid valves with direct current supply to reduce consumption.
Improved fluid distribution with post-solenoid chemical injection and dual injector allow more chemical options to be included in rollovers.
LED lighting with colour change effect for an improved user experience during washes.
Integrated Infinite Mousse Foam Arch for improved bay space.
istobal mwash 3 car wash colours


Greater Control

The Istobal M’Wash3 rollover maintains speed and position control thanks to frequency inverters and encoders that allow greater control over brushes and horizontal drying, reducing the time for the wash and drying service by optimising the travel speed of the machine.

More Efficient

Superior non-dual high-pressure system with zero angle nozzles, with the possibility of applying oscillating and lateral high-pressure in the same pass.

Greater Versatility

We continue with the height and width combinations in each model to cover all the wash needs of today’s vehicle market.

istobal m wash 3 car wash

New Features

Improved Wash Quality

Due to the lateral inclination of the brushes, ISTOBAL M’WASH3 achieves full control over the two tilt positions of the side brushes.

Innovative Technology

New touchscreens with two display options:

  • UNIFIED 7” colour touch screen
  • 4” touchscreen
Increased Performance

The horizontal and lateral drying nozzle design maximises performance, minimising power consumption (1500 rpm engines) and noise emission (74.7dB in the 14kW combination).

The Complete Istobal M’Wash Range

Istobal’s M’Wash range is a new generation of automatic rollover car washes that use the most efficient and connected technology available to increase profitability whilst enhancing the user experience. 

istobal mwash carwash range


Innovation working to the benefit of th user.

M’Wash3 Pro

Optimum technology. Innovative design.


Great performance, whatever your needs.


Versatility with a compact design.