Rollover Car Washes

Rollover carwashes, also called automatic or brush machines,  use a combination of high-pressure sprays, chemical cleaners, and friction cleaning provided by a range of cloths and brushes.

New-generation rollover carwash equipment offer exceptional wash quality whilst conserving and recycling water and minimising chemical usage.

Our extensive range of automatic brush car wash machines are available in various configurations from a simple low volume, 3 brush commercial machines through to a fully configured, high speed, multi-brush units.

For car wash customers who want to keep their feet dry, automatic carwashes are a preferred choice.

Features and Options

Rollovers are the common product that users can find in the majority of car wash equipment sites and are available with many options including:

  • Onboard contouring dryers
  • Programmable 5 brush configurations
  • Combined touchless and soft wash options.
  • High-pressure pre-wash
  • Water saving and recycling systems
  • LED lighting
  • Frothy foams. Coloured shampoos. Scented waxes. 
  • Touchscreen technology. 
  • Large choice of fairing and brush colours. 
  • In bay and machine safety. 
automatic car wash machine istobal mwash 2

Istobal M’Wash2

Istobal’s M’Wash2 is a flexible rollover car wash and drying system that offers multiple configurations in a compact, state-of-the-art design with total versatility.

automatic car wash machine istobal mwash 3

Istobal M’Wash3

The M’Wash3 offers greater wash quality and control through multiple configurations and a design focus on connectivity and the latest technology.

automatic car wash machine istobal mwash 3 pro

Istobal M’Wash3 Pro

The M’Wash3 Pro features a modern and innovative design with greater wash optimisation and more technological  advancements.

M'Wash3 Pro
automatic car wash machine istobal mwash 4

Istobal M’Wash4

The M’Wash4 features a new, high pressure systems that offers a better wash and the ability to reach difficult areas.

automatic car wash machine istobal mnex 25

Istobal M’Nex25

The M’Nex25 stands our in many ways with its smooth accurate operation meaning every last corner of the vehicle is treated to a thorough, high pressure wash.

automatic car wash machine istobal mnex 27

Istobal M’Nex27

The M’Nex27 offers two rollovers working on two separate bays (wet bay and dry bay) making for a considerable increase in throughput. 

automatic car wash machine ryko soft gloss max

Ryko SoftGloss Maxx

Designed for all sized vehicles and high throughput for maximum profitability, the SoftGloss MAXX is a car wash industry icon.

SoftGloss Maxx