The M’Wash2 offers flexibility and versatility.

(Istobal’s M’Wash2 is new upgraded version of the M’Start car wash). 
Istobal’s M’Wash 2 has perfected the original M’Start to create a rollover car wash and drying system that is more flexible thanks to multiple configurations, with a compact, state-of-the-art design and total versatility.
The rollover and drying system consistes of 2 vertical brushes and a horizontal brush controlled by frequency inverters for greater wash quality and control.

istobal m'wash 2 car wash

Features of the M’Wash2

Up to 15 programmes can be set up to improve the commercial offering and increase the profitability of the business.
Unified connectivity with the UNIFIED colour touchscreen making the machine 100% connectable.
Frequency inverters for greater control of brush settings.
New options such as chemical mosquito pre-wash and high-pressure with rotating nozzles increase the average ticket.
Stackable high-pressure solenoid valves with direct current supply to reduce consumption.
21L or 42L on-board pump to minimise equipment in plant room and allow high pressure operations with a lower power feed.
Improved fluid distribution with post-solenoid chemical injection and dual injector allow more chemical options to be included in rollovers.
New look on fairings, lights and vinyls for a better user experience.
Better foaming thanks to the upper nozzles that reach the entire vehicle profile.

Specification and Technical Data

Innovative Technology

New higher-level control automation and increased performance. Up to 15 programmes can be set. The operating station enables all external machine components to be connected.

Programme Configurator

The flexible programming system fitted as standard with ISTOBAL M’WASH rollovers allows each wash program to be customised easily and intuitively

Optimised Washing

Precise wash control thanks to the 10° inclination of the side brushes. The tilt system maintains control in both tilted and vertical positions.


Robust and compact construction, available in four heights and two different wash widths

istobal mwash 2 carwash
istobal mwash2 carwash colours

An exciting new colour range

With an updated look, the new M’WASH2 features new front and back fairings with softer, more rounded shapes.

With regard to LED lighting, attention to detail has been paid in both the pictogram and the positioning area, following the style line of the entire M’WASH series.


In Bay Safety
  • Acoustic movement signal – Required on machines working in unattended mode.
  • Horn stop – Required for installations using APP.
  • External anomaly alarm
On Machine Safety
  • Interior profiles Safety system to prevent the vehicle from being positioned incorrectly
  • Exterior profiles – Safety system required when there is less than 0.5m between the machine and the adjacent surface: fence, pillar, walls, etc.

The Complete Istobal M’Wash Range

Istobal’s M’Wash range is a new generation of automatic rollover car washes that use the most efficient and connected technology available to increase profitability whilst enhancing the user experience. 

istobal mwash carwash range


Innovation working to the benefit of th user.

M’Wash3 Pro

Optimum technology. Innovative design.


Great performance, whatever your needs.


Versatility with a compact design.