Car and vehicle washing solutions suit a range of industries

We have a wide range of vehicle washing equipment solutions and complimentary accessories to suit a wide range of industries including motor dealerships, petrol stations, convenience stores, car rental companies and private facilities.
motor dealership car wash system

Motor Dealerships

Vehicle vehicle washing equipment for car dealers, mechanics and service centres. 

Good Sight works with motor dealerships across Australia assisting them with vehicle wash solutions and equipment that improves productivity, reduces expenditure and, ultimately, their bottom line.

A range of equipment to suit every sized business. 

Our automatic car wash equipment ranges from simple self-service bays to automatic touch-free and high volume rollovers and conveyors.

For your peace of mind, all our products are supported and maintained by our national network of factory-trained technicians.

When you calculate labour, water usage and chemical purchases involved in the hand wash process, you may be surprised at the actual cost-per-vehicle.  The actual cost of handwashing is often overlooked and can be significantly reducing your profits.


Car Fleet and Vehicle Rental Companies

Efficient and cost effective vehicle washing equipment for your car fleets.  

We offer a number of vehicle washing options for your fleet and car rental company.

Automation that enhances your bottom line. 

By automating your vehicle wash equipment, you will save on your overall operating and labour costs.

Drive through car wash systems are an economical, low maintenance option that allows maximum vehicle through-put for your fleet.

Drive through car washes designed specifically for car rental companies and automotive panel shops where a simple, superior and high volume wash is required. They are low maintenance yet feature high-quality equipment.  Consistent results and high through-put will reduce labour costs and increase productivity.

moto dealership car washes
petrol station car wash equipment australia

Petrol Stations and Convenience Stores

Solutions to increase site revenue for petrol stations and convenience stores.

Our goal is to enhance our customer’s profits by offering complete vehicle wash solutions from concept to completion. This includes design and consultation, through to construction and installation, and then ongoing maintenance support. We can even assist with profit forecasting and offer finance solutions.

Complete vehicle wash solutions. 

We can supply and install the latest automatic and manual car washing technology along with interior cleaning and care accessories so you can provide your customers with complete vehicle wash solutions. By offering the latest in water treatment, recycling technology and biodegradable chemical products, our equipment will keep your operating costs and environmental footprint to a minimum.

Convenience and innovation.

The latest in Smart technology offers your customers the convenience of a personalised and intuitive wash experience, thanks to advanced touch technology and modern payment systems.