The importance of keeping your car wash equipment up to date. 

Upgrading your car wash equipment may not seem like a viable idea, due to the costs involved, but there will come a time when new equipment may be the best financial solution for your car wash business.

You may have car wash equipment that is outdated and has high maintenance costs. Updated vehicle wash equipment will allow you to save money on potential repair costs and service more customers, which will increase your profits. Older equipment also tends to be less environmentally friendly.

Outdated equipment was built when there were less rules and regulations enforced, or when technology just wasn’t available to make the equipment environmentally friendly or more durable and efficient.

If you aren’t sure if you should replace your old equipment, now is the time to discuss the upgrade options with our experienced team

Not only will the new equipment reduce your overall operating costs, but your customers will be more content  with  your upgraded modern car wash facility, which in turn would see an increase in your site revenue.

When is it time to upgrade? 

Once shiny and new, your car wash equipment has served countless vehicles over dozens of seasons. If equipment is aging and beginning to cost money in service calls and downtime, it might be time for an upgrade.

Are problems becoming commonplace?

Your equipment is the hub of your operation. Good equipment helps maximise carwash usage and increase investment return.

When equipment starts causing problems, it’s difficult to determine when to make another call to a service technician or call it quits on your old machines and upgrade.  When equipment starts losing efficiency or breakdowns becoming increasingly common, it may be time to consider upgrading. Expensive, hard-to-fix problems and ongoing costly repairs are another indicator your equipment may be running out of time.

New equipment can increase revenue

Just because your old equipment still works, doesn’t mean you should hold onto it. Whilst the initial investment of new equipment can be daunting, there are many advantages to upgrading. New equipment is much more environmentally friendly and energy efficiency equating to considerate operating cost savings.  New machines can clean more cars more effectively, increasing your total revenue in the long term.

Tackle the upgrade in stages. 

When upgrading old equipment, you don’t have to do it all at once. Give your site a facelift, install modern pay stations or add user-friendly technology to streamline the client experience. Add lighting or update the entry for a bigger impact and brighter show.

Check out the local competition and see what new features they’ve implemented then work with a company like Good Sight to implement a plan to achieve your goals.

Not quite ready to upgrade yet? Protect your investment with regular maintenance to combat problems before they start. Call our service technicians to book a service call.  Our technicians will ensure all parts are clean, well-oiled and in good working condition, helping to prevent breakdowns.

car wash machine upgrades
upgrading car wash equipment

Is outdated equipment costing you money?

Whilst the cost of purchasing new car wash equipment can be daunting (ask us about finance options), trying to maintain old machines may end up costing thousands in downtime, repairs and high operating costs.

New car wash technology is more cost effective and more efficient.

Today’s car wash technology moves at a faster pace than ever before. When we know better, we do better.

Innovative, new car wash technology is more streamlined and efficient in the following ways:

  • The high-pressure nozzles work quickly and use less water,
  • Computer-controlled systems efficiently control the amount of water your car wash uses per vehicle, and
  • Reclaimed and recycled water systems save water and dollars.

Waste water – are you drowing in problems?

If your car wash equipment is aging, you could be drowning in problems!

Inefficient systems can waste litres of water per vehicle, putting a strain on water consumption and forcing many car washes to work on reduced hours or close to meet the area guidelines on usage.

Newer car wash systems implement reclaimed water programs, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Updating your actually equipment saves money

New technology has built-in efficiency and conservation practices that old equipment can’t complete with.

Old systems are water leaches, sucking water reserves and causing costly repairs due to tired and outdated mechanics. They spill and waste litres of water, crank up water bills and struggling parts use more energy.

Though new equipment is an investment upfront, it will pay off over time with reduced bills and lower maintenance costs. Ask us about financing options.

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