Car wash payment systems and activation equipment.

Increase revenue and improve customer retention by automating your car wash.

In a completely digital environment, your car wash facility should be too. Our pay station and activation systems offer the flexibility to fully automate the vehicle wash system today.
We can design and setup a basic code only system right through to a fully automatic Credit Card / RFID transaction terminal with remote off-site monitoring.
Car wash activation and payment terminals

Istobal Payment Terminals

Istobal offers three stylish and state-of-the-art payment terminals designed specifically for car wash facilities.

Connect-a-Touch Payment Terminal

A new payment terminal connected to Istobal’s Smart Wash App without the need for additional hardware, offering the user a personalised and intuitive wash experience, thanks to its advanced touch technology and modern payment systems

Incorporates an 8.4″ touch screen with a user-centric design (UCD) that allows you to easily choose the right wash programme according to your needs and add more services to the purchase, such as vacuuming or jet-washing, increasing the value of the average ticket.

Connect-a Touch combines personalisation with functionality and is available in a wide range of colours.

istobal car wash payment terminal codec

Codec Payment Terminal

Functional minimalism within your reach. The Codec combines elegance, technology and simplicity to deliver a car wash payment terminal  with contactless or proximity method and the numerial code.

istobal car wash payment terminal connect-a
istobal car wash payment terminal connect-a

Connect-a Payment Terminal

State of the art solutions to make progress in design and technology with more payment options to the users.

Connect-a offers a personalised, intuitive car wash experience thanks to its high technology and modern payment systems. 

Its most innovative version includes a touch screen with a User- Centred Design (UCD) that allows customers to easily choose the right car wash programme for their needs.

Connect-a combines customisation with design on the one hand, and technology with functionality, on the other. It also offers a wide range of colours to perfectly match those of your car wash facility.

car wash payment terminals cstart unitec

C-Start by Unitec Payment Terminal

The Unitec C-Start has been designed to simplify car wash transactions. This cashless unit works with all in-bay automatic or conveyor car wash systems.

  • 12-inch touchscreen
  • Cashless payment options
  • Outdoor protection

Remote management
The C-Start features remote management and monitoring with automatic alerts and reports that provide off-site access to business data.

Marketing options
Run customised marketing promotions and video advertisements with the C-Start enhanced marketing package including loyalty, prepaid, fleet or subscription wash programs.

Portal TI+ by Unitec Payment Terminal

Portal TI+ by Unitec provides versatile marketing opportunities, expanded remote reporting capabilities and the most complete menu of payment options. 

  • 12-inch touchscreen
  • Multiple payment options
  • Outdoor protection
  • Security features
  • Ultrasonic proximity sensor

Remote management
Remote access capabilities allow Portal TI+ owners to monitor site activity, generate comprehensive reports and manage their operations while saving time and boosting revenue.  

Marketing options
With multiple advertising and cross-merchandising options the Portal TI+ can boost car wash renvenue.

Unitec Sentinel payment terminal

The Unitec Sentinel terminal is being replaced by the Portal TI+.  Good Sight continues to service Sentinel payment terminals.  Contact us directly should you have any questions about your Unitec terminal. 

car wash payment terminals portal ti unitec
nayax car wash payment terminal

Nayax Tap n’ Go Payment System

Switch from your coin operated carwash to a credit card payment system and elevate your facility to a new level.

Nayax offers a complete car wash payment and management solutions with features designed to increase revenue.

  • Cashless payments make it easy for your customers to pop into your facility for an unscheduled car wash without having to worry about carrying cash.
  • Build customer loyalty by introducing prepaid and discount cards.
  • Minimise administrative costs otherwise dedicated to handling cash payments.
  • Reduce theft and vandalism when you switch to a cashless payment system.
  • The Nylax payment system is water resistant and designed to withstand our harsh Australian climate.

PSD Codax Contactless Payment Solutions

Enjoy true contactless transactions with a PSD Codax payment solutions, improving flexiblity, security and profitability at your car wash facility.

PSD Codax offers a range of payment systems to suit every car wash operators budget and requirements.

PSD Codax has a range of activation and payment systems designed specifically for:

  • Petrol stations – pay at the pump or via the cashier
  • In-bay automatic car wash equipment
  • Jet wash and self-serve equipment
  • Tunnels and conveyors
codex car wash payment terminal