Petrol station car washing solutions.

Good Sight is Australia’s leading supplier of car wash equipment and has built the industry’s strongest legacy in the petrol station and convenience store market throughout Australia.

Our goal is to enhance our customer’s profits by offering complete vehicle wash solutions from concept to completion. This includes design and consultation, through to construction and installation, and then ongoing maintenance support. We can even assist with profit forecasting and offer finance solutions.

We can supply and install the latest automatic and manual car washing technology along with interior cleaning and care accessories so you can provide your customers with complete vehicle wash solutions. By offering the latest in water treatment, recycling technology and biodegradable chemical products, our equipment will keep your operating costs and environmental footprint to a minimum.

The latest in Smart technology offers your customers the convenience of a personalised and intuitive wash experience, thanks to advanced touch technology and modern payment systems.

petrol station car wash equipment australia

Increasing your site revenue

In the short and long term, we are here to assist you to increase your site revenue by improving wash count volumes and repeat business. With our equipment offering an unparalleled wash experience, customer retention is assured.

Whether you are an existing owner / operator or new to the industry, the national Good Sight team are here to assist you to build a more profitable facility. We bring together exceptional quality car wash equipment, a complete line of car wash chemicals and unparalleled Australia-wide service and maintenance.

We understand how important reliable uptime is to your continued success. That is why we concentrate on delivering effective and efficient car wash maintenance delivered by our highly qualified factory-trained technicians.

Keeping your profits flowing and growing.

You can trust Good Sight to keep your revenues flowing and growing. With advanced car wash technologies, a superior national service network, and comprehensive marketing and management programs, Good Sight delivers an end-to-end vehicle wash solution.

According to a study undertaken by the German Petrol Station Association, car washes account for 38-65% of the revenue at petrol stations (depending on the size of the business). Whilst equivalent studies haven’t been undertaken here in Australia, our research and after-sale liaison with customers indicates that figures here are about the same. Of all the services petrol stations can offer their customers, the car wash is one of the most important. Best of all, it provides the business owner with revenue for many, many years.

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Petrol Station Vehicle Wash Equipment

Car Wash Machines

petrol station car wash equipment australia

Our extensive range of automatic machines (rollovers) are available in various configurations from a simple low volume, 3 brush commercial machine through to a fully configured, high speed, multi-brush unit. Rollovers are a popular and productive addition to any petrol station site.

Our touchless car washes apply a special car wash chemical product, followed by high-pressure, low-volume water spray, to achieve the highest quality wash finish. Without the use of brushes or cloths to wash the vehicle, our touchless machines use water jets directed at the car’s surface from different angles and distances without any physical contact.

Our self serve car wash equipment ranges from simple single bay stand-alone units through to multi bay facilities with off-site monitoring.

Vehicle Care Accessories

petrol station car wash equipment australia

Our extensive range of vehicle care equipment includes self serve car vacuums, vending machines, fragrance sprayers, tyre pumps and gauges, mat cleaners, dryers, and even dog washes.

Using only a small footprint, self serve vehicle care equipment can be a profitable source of income and a welcome addition for customers.