Are you washing your pre-delivery and customer service vehicles by hand?

Good Sight works with motor dealerships across Australia assisting them with vehicle wash solutions and equipment that improves productivity, reduces expenditure and, ultimately, their bottom line.

Our automatic car wash equipment ranges from simple self-service bays to automatic touch-free and high volume rollovers and conveyors.

For your peace of mind, all our products are supported and maintained by our national network of factory-trained technicians.

motor dealership car wash system

automotive dealership car washes

Reduce vehicle washing costs and increase site efficiency.

Hand washing vehicles is costly. 

When you calculate labour, water usage and chemical purchases involved in the hand wash process, you may be surprised at the actual cost-per-vehicle.  The actual cost of handwashing is often overlooked and can be significantly reducing your profits. See the cost-per-wash breakdown chart below.

The team at Good Sight can liaise with your staff to ascertain the perfect automated solution for your operation.

There will be no more fatigue as your handwashing staff tire as the day goes on.  Our machines will, if required, work around the clock without complaint resulting in a spectacular result every single time.

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The advantages of machine washing

The benefits of machine car washing versus manual washing by hand. 
  • With a machine wash, you get a reliable and exceptional wash result, every time.
  • The machine wash is a gentle wash process with no scratching or damage to vehicles.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • No staff sick leave or holiday pay.
  • Car wash equipment will operate 24/7 without fatigue or reduced results.
  • New generation car washes can significantly reduce water usage and chemical waste.
  • Mechanical car washes offer value for money and reduced expenditure (see the cost-per-wash breakdown below).
  • Wtih Good Sight service and support you’ll have peace of mind with no breakdowns.
  • Machine washing equates to low operating costs and fast return on investment.
motor dealership car wash system

Cost Per Wash Breakdown

Cost Per Wash Comparison

Based on the number of cars that are being hand washed each day, we can calculate exactly how much this labour-intensive process is costing your operation.

We can then put together a range of solutions that will potentially save you tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars every year.  Below is a chart that outlines a potential saving of $34,000 per year when a 50 cars per day customer switched from hand washing to wash-by-machine. Additionally, we’ll outline the time it will take to make a full return on your investment (typically around 2 years).

Start enjoying brilliant results with every wash.  Your customers will be ecstatic and so too will your bottom line.

* Ask about our financing options. 

automotive dealership car washes

The Benefit of our Pay-per-Wash Program

From only $1.50 per wash, our Pay-per-Wash Program is a cost-effective solution for automotive dealerships wanting to switch from the handwashing to the machine wash process.

Preventative Maintenance: Our service technicians will regularly and proactively replace components to prevent breakdowns and maximise high uptime.

Fast Breakdown Response Time: In the event that you should experience a breakdown or fault, our service technicians are available to attend to, and repair, problems as a matter of urgency.  With 21 service technicians nationally, they’re on the road to respond to your service needs (during business hours).

Spare Parts: Our Pay-per-Wash program includes all parts and components.

Detergents and Waxes: Our Pay-per-Wash program includes shampoo, foam and waxes.

Peace of Mind: There is no need to worry as we’ve got you covered 24/7.

Budget: Financing options are available.

Vehicle Wash Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

We have a car wash solution to suit your unique requirements and budget.

Below are just three examples of popular machines used by our automotive customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your specific needs and we’ll tailor the right solution.

Automatic rollovers – Our extensive range of automatic brush machines (rolloevers) are available in various configurations from a simple low volume, 3 brush commercial machine through to a fully configures, high speed, multi-brush unit.

Touchless – Touchless carwashes do not use brushes or clothes to wash the vehicle. Water jets are directed at the car’s surface from different angles and distances without any physical contact. The latest touchless machines rely on state-of-the-art sensors and advanced computerised control systems to adapt the cleaning process to the size and shape of each vehicle.

Conveyors and Tunnels – Conveyor, or tunnel, systems are ideal for high volume sites that require a superior wash finish.  Using this system on high volume or commercial sites reduces waiting time and in turn increases wash revenue. We offer various size conveyor tunnel systems and configurations to meet site design requirements and budgets.

moto dealership car washes