Do car automatic car wash machines damage cars?

starting a car wash business

starting a car wash business


Welcome to tip #2 in our series “Running a successful car wash business” where we aim to provide helpful advice to new and existing car wash owners in a bid to assist them in increasing customer patronage, revenue stream and profit margins. Whether you’re starting a car wash business or wanting to expand or upgrade your upgrade your car wash business equipment, we’re here to help. 

According to Carlos Valls, Product Manager of ISTOBAL’s Automatic Carwash line, car wash machines do not cause damage to vehicles. They do not scratch or damage the paint surface or windows.

We have been building and installing car wash machines in Australia since 1968 and it has been ages since this has happened. Modern car wash machines now control the rollers’ pressure and regulation electronically. These electronic systems are absolutely reliable.  They ensure constant pressures and there’s no risk to the car’s paintwork or windows.  Secondlythe new foam materials on the car wash brushes make contact much softer, with no effects on a car washes effectiveness.

Servicing and cleaning your car wash machine

To avoid scratches or marks on customer vehicles, daily checks must be performed by the car wash owner to find any foreign bodies that may be stuck on the brushes. It is also recommended to regularly use shampoos with some type of biocide to avoid fungi both on the brushes and the facility.

For your car wash equipment to remain as profitable as possible, quality equipment must be used and regularly serviced. Consumables must meet the manufacturer’s requirements and clear instructions given to users.

Other car wash myths

Apart from the myths about automatic car wash process, there are other false ideas.  The fact that waste water and damp can result in the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria has an impact on customer and worker safety.

Carlos Valls, Istobal’s Product Manager explains : “Oversized storage tanks and installing them in sun-exposed areas must be avoided in order not to have these issues. Those carwash facilities using recycled water must keep the water moving by means of recirculation, and disinfection equipment must also be installed. This ensures sanitation”.

We recommend to our customers that they anticipate potential faults in both car wash wash tunnels and rollovers. It is most important to observe the manufacturer’s instructions and to schedule a regular service every four months (at least) for preventative maintenance.

Taking care of car wash equipment and its products contributes to success in a car wash business. Our experience car wash service technicians supports prevention rather than reaction as a way of ensuring the best results.

Contact the professional, helpful team at Good Sight for advice on what maintenance is required to keep your car wash business running successfully.

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Article source: Istobal Car Wash Equipment