Do car washes save water? Do they recycle water?

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Car wash equipment responsible water use.

World Water Day is 22 March.  With the slogan ‘Wastewater, Why waste water?’, the campaign raises awareness about the importance of protecting this scarce but essential resource for economic, social and environmental development. For the team at Good Sight, water is one of the essential elements of our work therefore responsible use of our car washing equipment and developing water treatment systems are factors that are always present in our car wash and car care solutions.

Water consumption on Istobal rollovers and automatic car wash machines has been reduced by 40% in all machine ranges.  The Istobal jet wash has reduced water use by 33% using a medium manual program thanks to new frequency-converter technology and the Smartpulse device. This device – which starts and stops water pumps automatically – manages the operation of both the high-pressure pumps and the chemical dosing pumps with a simple system consisting of pressure switches that prevent the pump from running while the client is not washing the vehicle.

But having the possibility of reusing water is just as important as relying on water-saving car washing equipment. Istobal recycles up to 85% of the water used in each service.

To the team at Good Sight, water is a working tool and, as such, it should be considered critical to the future of our business. We hope this piece about water will encourage you to use this precious resource adequately at your car wash facility.

How car washes save and recycle water

According to world-leading car wash manufacturers, Istobal, rollover car washes save almost 2 million litres of water per year thanks to inbuilt water recycling systems.

With a commitment to the environment and the initiatives of World Water Day (March 22), Istobal are a car wash pioneer in developing sustainable solutions aimed at reducing water and energy use and minimising environmental impacts.

Istobal’s environmentally friendly car wash technologies include recycling systems that allow rollovers to save an average of 128 litres of water every full service. If the water was not recycled and reused it would be equivalent to running a tap for 106 days!

The physical and biological recyclers in Istobal machines re-use up to 80% of the water used in each service in the following wash program. This prevents contamination of the water coming out at the end of the process.

Istobal has reduced water consumption by 45% for commercial vehicle wash equipment, 40% on the latest rollovers, and 33% on jet washes.

Which uses less water?

A rollover car wash, jet wash (self serve) or washing your car at home?

  • Washing your car at home with a hose requires approximately 500 litres of water *
  • High-pressure jet washes systems use approximately 40 – 60 litres of water for a full program
  • Rollovers car washes use approximately 160 litres of water on average for the full service and 80% of that water is reused thanks to the recycling system.

* Source Istobal and ECODES (Spanish Foundation for Development and the Environment)

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Article source: Istobal Car Wash Equipment