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istobal water treatmentZEOLIS:  The power of ZEOLIS comes from the use of zeolites, a new filtration matter of volcanic origin, which is highly porous and has a density similar to that of water. This revolutionary matter offers thorough filtration: the water flows through the unit in a completely uniform way, taking advantage of the whole filtration surface of the zeolite. An added bonus is that the high speed of filtration achieved means that the size of the units can be reduced considerably, giving maximum performance in the minimum space. Respect for the environment and quality recycled water for your carwash equipment.

BIOS – Biological recycling:  Wide spectrum of action against the usual contaminants in wash waste waters · Integrated timer-controlled oxygenation to ensure the absence of foul smells · Environment friendly: converts contaminants into heat, air and water without generating additional waste.

ACUABOX – Mobile recycling container:  ACUABOX is designed to include the main recycling and waste stages in a standard size container (W 2.4 m x L 6 m x H 2.8 m) to avoid civil works on a wash facility · The unit is ideal for facilities with a maximum water consumption of 5 m3 /h and which need to reuse the residual water generated by the wash machines · The stages included are: · Sedimentation and homogenization · Hydrocarbon separation (output of <5ppm of oils) · Physical recycler · Disinfection · Recycled water storage · Maximum flow of water treatment during episodes of exceptional supply (torrential rain): 21m3 /h · No foul odours – includes aeration and disinfection units.

DEMINERALISERS – In a Range of Sizes:  A wide range of pretreatments: even the worst quality water can be demineralised · User-friendly, can be equipped with a direct scale-preventer metering pump · Control panel with display facilitates and simplifies equipment control · Sturdy construction in rustproof materials.

DISINFECTANT DISPENSERS:  Four different units for water disinfection, four alternatives to meet your needs · Possibility of disinfecting all water types: recycled, demineralised, and stored well or mains water · Ease of use and maintenance · Total safety, water is always disinfected.

DETERGENT DEGRADER BLOCK: Reduces detergent content in water recycling steps · Formulated with especially selected microorganisms that degrade surfactants · Improved quality of waste, recycling and wash waters.

HYDROCARBON SEPARATOR:  Class I (less than 5 mg/L of hydrocarbons in waste after treatment) in compliance with European Standard EN 858 – 1:2002 · Made of polyethylene using the rotomolding process: does not absorb smells, no joints or welds, no parts liable to rust · Light, easy to handle and install · Designed for ease of cleaning and comfortable maintenance · Has an automatic shutter.

SOFTENERS:  Bottle made of glass fibre reinforced polyester · Regenerating solution tank made of polyethylene · Choice of programming instant or delayed regeneration.

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Water consumption of Istobal car wash machines

As Australia’s leading car wash suppliers, water is one of the basic elements of our business.  And in an era of environmental awareness, the responsibility of car wash manufacturers like Istobal, is to develop ethically responsible water treatment systems and solutions.

Water consumption of Istobal’s rollover automatic car wash machines has been reduced by 40%.

Water usage of their high-pressure jet washes has reduced water use by 33% using a medium manual program thanks to their new frequency-converter technology and the Smartpulse device. This device, which starts and stops water pumps automatically, manages the operation of both the high-pressure pumps and the chemical dosing pumps with a simple system consisting of pressure switches that prevent the pump from running while the client is not washing the vehicle.

Operating a water-wise car wash business

The responsibility of reusing water is just as important as relying on water-saving car washing equipment. Ask us how you can recycle up to 85% of water used by your car wash business by installing water treatment and recycling systems.

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