Car wash equipment maintenance tips

car wash equipment maintenance

car wash equipment maintenance

Tips for maintaining your car wash business equipment.

It may seem obvious but nobody will want to wash their vehicles at your car wash facility if it’s not clean and in perfect condition. Regular maintenance and cleaning of car wash equipment and wash bays – whether you have a rollover or a jet wash, or both – must not be overlooked. Cleaning should be part of your daily routine as it does contribute to building trust with your customers and will establish repeat business. Taking good care of your car wash equipment is good for business!

Maintaining and cleaning your car wash machines

It’s very important you only use car wash equipment cleaning products that have been tested for your specific machine(s).  Our car wash service technicians can advise you of the best solution to remove limescale -one of the main problems of car wash facilities. We can advise what products will protect the stainless steel surfaces, preserve brushes and eliminate stubborn dirt.

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Maintaining and cleaning your jet washes

To ensure your car wash facility is ready for customers you should always keep your jet wash clean. Maintenance tasks for jet washes should never be overlooked. The first thing to keep in mind is that, before any repair or maintenance operation on the jet wash or any of its optional extras, the power supply should be switched off on the main switch or the applicable device. You will also have to cut off the water supply and the compressed air.

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More tips for running a successful car wash business:

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