Running a self serve car wash facility

running self service car wash facility

Operating a self serve car wash business.

Are you running a self service car wash business? Below we have listed innovative tips to help you attract more business and improve your bottom line.  With these improvements, customers will choose your self service car wash machines instead of nearby competitors.

Bicycle wash facility

This video below demonstrates how adding an optional extra that holds bikes in place will attract cyclists to your car wash facility.

Motorbike wash facility

By adding a very useful accessory as illustrated in the video below, you will be totally successful. Besides, if you can have a special bay for motorcycles with the right signage and you can also offer manual drying, they will become loyal to you; then, it is just a matter of word of mouth in their clubs, whichever their motorcycling style.

Night car wash 

Your car wash business will attract customers at all times of the day – ‘early birds’ who wash their car in the early hours of the morning to ‘night owls’ who prefer to wash their vehicles before going out in the evening or when they are back from holidays.

If you want to boost profitability at your self serve car wash, you have to be open and available to all customers – no matter what time of day or night.

This is where great lighting is important.  Having the right lighting at night will ensure customers can comfortably and safely use your car wash facility in the evenings and early morning.

And finally, make sure you advertise these new improvements so customers are aware of the all-inclusive service they get at your car wash business.

More tips for running a successful car wash business:

Are you starting a car wash business or want advice on how to improve your current facility?

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