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Tips for running a successful car wash business.

Even car wash businesses benefit from a spring clean!  Seasonal checklists are a must-have. Not only do they keep business owners on track, it will help ensure a smooth transition from season to season, and that you’re ready for a new influx of business.

A checklist will also help keep track of changing priorities and identify current and potential future needs. Here’s a few to consider:

Property maintenance

The exterior of your property can take a beating if you’re located in a harsher climate. Take a walk around and clear debris. Examine the facility for any wear and tear, including cracks, fading paint, dirty windows and doors and fading signs. Warm weather is a great time to get to repairs and give the property a fresh face.

Love the landscape

Blustery winds blow garbage and debris that cling to trees, shrubs, gutters and window frames. Clear the clutter, cut the lawn, trim or replace shrubs and flowers and add fresh soil and mulch to all the beds.

Step inside

Inspect the interior of your bay for any cracks, chips, fading paint and dirt build up and manage any cleaning or repairs that are needed.

Equip yourself

Check equipment for wear, turn off weep systems if no longer in use, oil doors and hinges and replace any fading parts. Maybe it’s time to invest in some new equipment!

Market it

Freshen any faded signage. Spring is a great time to launch new marketing initiatives. Plan a new promotion, offer a coupon, send out flyers or advertise a fun spring event at your location. Post promotions on social media to draw customers back after the long winter.

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