Attracting customers to your car wash facility during winter.

winter car wash business marketing tips

Winter car wash business marketing tips and advice.

During the cooler winter months, most car wash businesses notice a drop in the number of customers visiting their facility.

Customers can be reluctant to use manual wash bays during the cooler days. Shorter daylight hours can also mean reduced trade after dark.

But, it’s not all cloudy skies and gloom.  There are some things you can do to increase patronage and ensure your facility is attracting the customers that are in the marketplace.

Studies in the U.S. indicate that visits to car washes increase in Winter.

Nurture your professional customers

Professional customers such as taxi and Uber drivers, couriers and salespeople need their cars washed and look fantastic all year round.  These customers are very familiar with the car wash world as they are frequent visitors.  They will be loyal to a facility that offers value for money and provides an exceptional wash experience every time. Additionally, these customers are likely to not only use the car wash but accessories such as vacuums, mat cleaners and tyre pumps.

Customer loyalty from this market segment makes running a car wash business more profitable – all year round.

To increase loyalty to your business, we recommend offering discounts and cross-promotions between different car care services, particularly during the slower months. Think what you can to do attract, help and retain professional customers to keep business revenue coming in all year round.

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Equipment repairs and service

The cooler months are a great time to have wash equipment serviced and niggling repairs fixed.  Cleaning should still be part of your daily routine, even during Winter, as it does contribute to building trust with your customers and will establish repeat business.

Surprisingly, wash bays require more regular cleaning during the cooler months than in Spring and Summer. This is because the bays often don’t dry out and, when not being used as frequently, they attract leaves, dirt and rubbish that can potentially turn customers off your facility.

It may seem fairly obvious, but nobody will want to wash their vehicles at your car wash site if it’s not kept clean and in perfect working condition. Regular maintenance, cleaning car wash equipment and wash bays, shouldn’t be overlooked at any time of the year.  The appearance of your facility and, more importantly, the safety of your customers and staff is paramount.

Taking good care of your car wash equipment and the appearance of your facility is good for business!

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Automatic car washes vs self serve jet washes

Who wouldn’t agree that it’s nicer sitting in a cosy, heated vehicle while it’s being washed by an automatic machine than operating a self-serve jet wash blasting cold water?

If your facility doesn’t offer an automatic car wash option then you’re likely to be losing a lot of customers to a nearby competitor, particularly during the cooler months.

Winter can be an opportune time to upgrade your manual wash facility to incorporate an automatic car wash machine so you stop losing customers during the cooler months.

Plan now for a profitable winter next year. Contact us on 02 9757 4700 to speak with our car wash architect and consultants who can assess what machine(s) and equipment are suitable for your site, budget and requirements.

Can potential customers find you?

Market, market, market! If people don’t know your business exists, they won’t bring cars to your car wash site.

Send out flyers to local residents and businesses. Ensure your signage is bright, visible, fresh and contemporary.

Cross-market with local vendors by dropping coupons that can be picked up at a checkout counter or tucked inside a restaurant bill.

Many new and out-of-area customers will find you via a Google search.  Now is the time to make sure your online presence is up to date and active. An attractive website optimised for a top Google ranking will ensure customers find you when searching.

Use social media to promote deals and special offers.

Do you stand out to potential customers and passing trade?

What do potential customers see as they drive past your car wash facility?  Are they noticing you at all? The paint and colour used on the outside, vinyls and banners are just some of the simple elements you can use to make your car wash business more eye-catching and attract customers to your site.

All-weather, wax and paint protection signs can be used to convey a powerful advertising message along with any slogans that can promote special offers and deals. Additionally, A-frame signboards and flags are very cost-effective and easy to erect to make sure you’re getting noticed and stand out.

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Deals and discounts

Pre-paid loyalty and gift cards are a great way to promote your car wash and keep customers coming back. Not only will it boost your revenue up front but will establish loyal, long-term customers and word of mouth.

More Information

Should you have any questions about enhancing your car wash facility or getting the best from your equipment, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team anytime. We’re here to help.

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