New self serve car wash installation at Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre

carpark car wash installation 2

Car wash design and installation.

The Good Sight team recently designed and installed a four bay, self-serve car wash in an underutilised area of the Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre car park.

Self serve vacuums were added to complete the set-up, providing customers with an undercover, all-weather car wash facility that operates for extended hours, 7 days a week.  Staff are a thing of the past for the operator, significantly cutting costs and problems associated with staff shortages and sick days.

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Overcoming design challenges.

Along with the usual issues that everyone experienced during the COVID lockdowns, this project presented our team with unique design challenges that needed to be overcome including preserving heritage architecture and work around existing building structures.

Thankfully, our experienced team overcame all obstacles and we delivered to the customer an excellent business.

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Car washes in car parks – a clever business concept.

Most shopping centre car parks have an area that is underutilised. Transforming this wasted space into a car wash facility is becoming increasingly popular and cost-effective.

Our client, however, took it one step further by making the entire operation fully self-serve, eliminating the need for staff.

An obvious benefit to this is that site operating costs are reduced significantly. There are no wages to pay and staff shortages, sick days and holidays are a thing of the past.

Additionally, the facility can operate for extended hours of convenience, even 24/7, because it’s not reliant upon staff for it to be operational and works nicely alongside the after hours shopping experience.

carpark car wash installation 3

Gin San compact self serve car wash equipment.

At this facility, the space available to house the car wash equipment was very limited.  To this end, we installed the Gin San  Direct Drive self serve car wash.

This compact pump bench has a very small footprint, so our design team and technicians were able to layout the equipment  into the reduced area  we had to work with

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