What are the different types of car wash machines?

Want to start a carwash business? A carwash investment can be daunting. What should you tackle first? Scout a site location? Buy equipment? Get car wash financing. Below we’ve put together a list of the different types of carwashes available and the benefits of each. 

Should you have any questions about what car wash machine best suits your business, budget and site, contact the team at Good Sight.  Since 1968, we’ve been Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash machines and vehicle equipment.  We can work with you in every stage of starting or improving your car wash business from design to completion and then servicing and maintenance. We can also assist with a range of car wash accessories to boost productivity and revenue including coin operated vacuumsvending machines and dog washes.

automatic car wash machines

1. Automatic (Rollover) Machines

Our broad range of rollover car wash machines are available in various configurations from a simple low volume, 3 brush commercial machine through to a fully configures, high speed, multi-brush unit. 

Rollovers are the common product that users can find in the majority of car wash equipment sites and are available with many options including: 

  • Onboard contouring dryers
  • 5 brush configurations
  • Combined touchless and soft wash
  • Various product applications
  • High-pressure pre-wash
  • Water recycling systems

touchless car wash

2. Touchless Automatic Car Wash Machines

We offer various models of touchless machines including the overhead and gantry-style units. 

Both use powerful, advanced-flow concepts and engineered spray pattern designs to offer a superior wash quality. 

The touchless wash equipment is designed to apply a special car wash chemical product, followed by high-pressure, low-volume water spray, to achieve the highest quality wash finish. 

The overhead configuration leaves the wash bay completely free of obstacles, enabling any type of vehicle to access it with ease and safety. 

Some of the options we offer include: 

  • Combined onboard dryers
  • Surface sealant application
  • Tri-colour wax application
  • Wheel and underbody wash
  • Various payment terminals and activation stands
  • Various wash package settings

self serve car wash equipment

3. Self Serve Car Washes

These are available in a number of design configurations and can be used for many applications including: 

  • Combined automatic and manual car wash sites
  • Car detailing businesses
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Commercial wash sites
  • Hand car wash sites

We offer various customisable options including underbody wash, outboard engine flush, dual push and button control panels, boat wash, as well as various activation and payment solutions. 

tunnel conveyor car washes

4. Tunnel or Conveyor Car Washes

Conveyor or Tunnel Equipment

The conveyor wash systems offer high output for sites that require a superior quality wash finish. The reduced waiting and queuing times help increase the overall site revenue. 

The conveyor-style wash systems have the capacity to wash 20 – 100 vehicles in one hour – the ideal solution for either small footprint sites with limited queuing space or areas that have higher volume peak times. 

We are able to configure the tunnel systems from a basic express (10 metre single bay reload) through to a fully-loaded 45 metre wash tunnel system. 

Express and Mini Tunnel Washes

Express mini tunnels can be configured for your standard wash bay length or a conversion upgrade of an existing rollover to a conveyor wash system. 

The Express mini tunnels offer the solution to the higher volume car wash sites that want minimal queuing space during peak times. 

The equipment is modular in design so we are able to configure and build a system that will suit all budgets. 

drive through car wash machines

5. Drive Through Vehicle Wash Systems

Designed specifically for automotive dealerships, fleet and rental car businesses where a simple, superior, high-volume wash is required. 

This style of machine can wash up to 80 cars per hour and is fully customisable with various brush configurations and drying options. 

car wash enclosures

6. Car Wash Enclosure and Canopies

Our purpose-built car wash bays are designed and manufactured by Istobal. 

We offer the flexibility and convenience of a complete modular building system for the full range of automatic and self-serve vehicle wash equipment that can be adapted to suit any site-conditions and requirements. 

We also offer a total project package from conception to completion. 

car wash vending machine goodsight

7. Car Wash Facility Accessories

There are also a wide range of accessories available to compliment any new or existing car wash site or corporate facility designed to attract more customers to your facility, increase productivity and, ultimately, revenue. These include :

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We are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment & supplies

Good Sight are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment including automatic (rollover) machinestouchless,  conveyor and drive through systems. We can work with you in every stage of starting or improving your car wash business from design to completion and then servicing and maintenance.

We have been offering Australia-wide sales & service since 1968 and were the first suppliers of automatic car wash systems in the country. Since then we have always been able to pride ourselves as offering a highly professional level of service and support to our clients.

We offer a full range of vehicle wash services including car wash installation, upgrades and maintenance for car wash businessespetroleum retailersautomotive dealershipsfleet and rental car businesses.  We can also assist with a range of car wash accessories including coin operated vacuumsvending machines and dog washes.

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