Istobal rollover car washes – an excellent finish every time

istobal rollover car wash chemicals australia

Istobal rollover car wash chemicals Australia.

As the owner or manager of a car wash business, your priority is to ensure the best vehicle wash results for your customers. Cleaning products add value to car wash machines and increase their efficiency.  This article lists Istobal’s car wash chemical and cleaning products that ensure an excellent car wash finish for your customers every time.

Istobal rollover car wash machines benefit from four main products that are applied in different wash phases to achieve spectacular results.

Insect and Rims Pre-wash

Istobal’s insect and rims pre-wash is a highly effective 2-in-1 product that fights rim dirt and removes insects from the customer’s vehicle. The product is applied as a chemical spray or as a chemical foam making it the perfect complement for rollover pre-washes.

The dual use of this product contributes to reducing the amount of chemicals needed and improves logistics and storage at the facility.

This single product fulfills three of your customer’s needs.

Infinite Mousse Special Foam

This product has been for the  foam arch of the new Istobal M’Nex32 car wash. Its high foaming power creates a ‘show’ effect and significantly adds to an effective wash.

Rich and dense, with bright colours and a nice smell, the foam contributes to a maximum sensory impact during application making the wash process absolutely spectacular.

Your customers will love it!

Active Mousse Shine

This product is a very special active foam that, apart from having a very powerful effect on the car wash experience, helps the wax during the drying process.

The product leaves an amazingly glossy layer on the surface so a polishing and massaging cycle not being necessary. It is therefore a 3-in-1 product: it removes dirt, it brings shine and protection, and improves the drying.

Istobal’s Active Mousse Shine is available in two pleasant scents: apple and cherry.

Glossy Tears Wax

This product is a superior wax.  In addition to achieving an exceptional dry, Istobal’s Glossy Tears wax creates a protective layer that prevents dirt from building up and, above all, it makes rain disperse away by itself with driving speeds over 80 km/h.

As an incredible finishing touch this brilliant cleaning product also leaves a shiny layer on the surface of the vehicle.

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