Enhance your customer’s sensory experience with the funky new car wash foams and shampoos now available.

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Car wash chemical suppliers Australia.

Bring fun and joy to the car washing experience at your facility by introducing the latest in vibrant foams, theatrical mousses, and aromatic fragrances now available.

Say goodbye to boring suds when you introduce the latest in chemical technology – bubble canons, lava arches and unicorn foam.

Add fragrances to further enhance the sensory experience. Think fruity foams, chocolate-scented waxes and vanilla-infused shampoos.

No longer is the car washing process the mundane task of old.  It is now an immersive adventure featuring an explosion of vibrant hues and captivating effects.

Get people talking by transforming your car wash into a place of excitement and adventure.

car wash foam

Add some excitement to your car wash

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With global partners around the world, Good Sight has a unique insight into industry trends from around the world – many of which eventually make their way to the Australian market.

To discuss how you can implement the latest in technology to enhance the customer’s experience at your facility, contact our friendly team. We’re here to help.