This refreshed car wash in regional Victoria is now busier than ever

car wash equipment victoria touchless

Car wash equipment Victoria.

We completed an upgrade at an existing car wash facility in regional Victoria where the finished results delivered everything the owner requested – including attracting a wider range of local customers and installing next-generation equipment for longevity and increased revenue.

The facility had been operating for some time and, while it had a solid base of loyal customers, the owner wanted to expand this to include local families and new customers further afield.

With more frequent equipment breakdowns, it was time to look at upgrading to newer equipment with advanced technology.  After discussing his requirements with other suppliers, we are grateful he chose us to undertake and complete the work.

The space saving Ginsan self serve system brings some fun to the car washing experience.   

First was to replace the old self-serve equipment with a new Ginsan direct drive system.

Due to its vertical construction, the Ginsan is a real space saver and consumes a remarkably small footprint of only 1.2m x 1.2m (4’ x 4’).

It is one of the most economical self-serve systems available and can be configurable for 1-6 bays.

The owner invested in the optional splatter wax add-on which delivers a colourful foam wax conditioner, transforming the car washing experience from mundane to fun. 

car wash equipment victoria
Above – Ginsan’s self serve system can be configurable for 1-6 bays.

The Istobal Tracer touchless machine expanded the facilities’ car washing capacity

Next, we replaced the old touch-free machine with the next generation Istobal Tracer.

One of the distinguishing features of the Tracer is the large, obstacle-free wash bay. This unique configuration means larger vans and tricked-up 4WDs can use the Tracer with ease and in complete safety.

In keeping his goal of attracting a wider customer base, the owner opted to introduce the latest in foam chemistry, theatrical mouse and LED light show.

We’re pleased to report that these changes have worked a treat with the owner reporting an increase in 4WD owners and families visiting his facility – for different reasons, obviously –4WD owners confident using the touchless Tracer whilst families are finding the vibrant tri-foams and light show irresistible.

car wash equipment victoria istobal tracer
Above – The Tracer’s obstacle-free wash bay accommodated vans and large 4WDs.

New car wash equipment requires a smaller footprint, giving the owner a lot more space in the plant room

New car wash equipment requires a much smaller footprint than older machines so, with this upgrade, one of the benefits was the extra space gained in the plant room.

So much extra space was gained that the formerly cluttered plant room now accommodates a larger office space, improved storage and a facility to store chemicals onsite.

Importantly, the extra space in the plant room makes servicing and maintaining equipment more efficient.

The reconditioned vacuums now look as good as new.

Whilst onsite, we reconditioned the existing self-serve vacuums. They were still in good working order so we didn’t feel they needed to be replaced.  With fresh graphics, the vacuums now look as good as new. 

The latest generation POS payment system

And finally, we integrated the latest in payment technology by installing the Nayax Tap n’ Go system.

This latest generation car wash payment system elevates any car wash facility to a new level by offering a range of tap n’ go payment options. It includes an integrated management system designed to increase revenue.

car wash equipment victoria
Above – The Nayax Tap n’ Go system simplifies the customer payment process.

This refreshed car wash is now busier than ever

With a new paint job, graphics and rebranding by the owner, this buzzing, local car wash is now busier than ever and, best of all, is attracting a whole new generation of customers – just as the owner wanted.

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Do you want to attract more customers to your facility? Is your outdated equipment an expense rather than an asset?

For an obligation-free assessment of your facility, contact the friendly team at Good Sight.  We can discuss simple updates you can make that will attract new customers, enhance the car washing experience and, importantly, improve your bottom line.

car wash equipment victoria tracer
Above – Lights, foam, disco – enhacing the customer car washing experience.