Different chemicals are required to effectively perform different jobs during the car washing process.

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When it comes to car wash chemicals, it is not one size fits all – quite the contrary, different products and chemical formulations are needed to successfully perform different vehicle cleaning functions.

Typically, the car washing process follows 5 stages:

  1. Pre-wash
  2. Wash Process
  3. Rinse
  4. Wax and Polish
  5. Drying

The Pre-wash / Pre-soak

The prewash or presoak function is designed to soften dirt and other organic matter and break down road grime and grease so it can be easily removed during the wash process.

It’s paramount that the right prewash chemicals are applied, based on the location of your facility and the type of dirt and grime on your customer’s cars.

For example, country cars require a different chemical cleaning formulation from city vehicles due to the nature of the pollutants and organic matter they are encountering on a daily basis.

Inferior presoak chemicals won’t be as effective in breaking the bond between contaminants and the vehicle’s exterior.

STAGES 2 & 3

The Wash Process and Rinse

At this stage, chemical additives are important to ensure effective brush lubrication to protect the vehicle paintwork and other delicate surfaces. They prevent grabbing and marking while extending the life of the material.

Not only do high foam levels give customers the perception they’re receiving a quality wash but they actually help protect your equipment and car surfaces.

The use of quality chemicals during this process is paramount in touchless machines.  Without the aid of brushes to assist in the cleaning process, touchless machines rely on special chemicals to do all the hard work.

And finally, special conditioners are intended to create a vehicle surface that is slightly acidic. These respond more favourably to a drying agent resulting in better water beading and ultimately and shinier and dryer car.

STAGE 4 & 5

The Wax and Polish. Drying.

In the final stage, it’s the use of quality waxes and protectants that will ensure your customers enjoy long-lasting shine, added protection, and that highly desired ‘water beading’ effect.

Quality chemicals ensure a fast and uniform drying process, avoiding marks and stains so your customer leaves with a clean and shiny car.

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