Compact car wash solutions for under utilised spaces

compact car wash solutions

Transform an underutilised space into supplementary income.

Have you got an underutilised area of your car park or building? With land at a premium, it makes sense to take advantage of any spare space you have by transforming it into additional income.

With compact car wash equipment and exciting plug’n’play options now on the market, it’s never been easier to turn an unused space into a revenue-raising solution.

Below we’ve outlined a few simple ideas that are worth considering.

carpark car wash installation 1
Above: Self serve car wash installed in a shopping centre carpark

Self Serve Equipment

When space is limited, Istobal’s N’Joy range is the perfect solution.

The N’JoyPack30 has all the features needed to satisfy customers and maximise profits.

The N’JoyPack40 packs a lot of punch without compromising on wash quality. Features include 8 wash programs and high-pressure pumps for maximum water, energy and chemical optimisation.

Bicycle, motorbike, boat and caravan wash functions are available for both units helping to attract a broader range of customers.

compact car wash solutions
Automatic car washes are now more compact due to advancements in design and assembly

Automatic Car Washes

For areas of 80+ sqm, the new generation automatic car washes can be a viable solution.

Advancements in car wash design and equipment assembly have led to more compact machines that don’t compromise on features or wash quality.

compact car wash solutions
A former LPG gas tank storage area has been converted into a dog washing bay.

Dog Washes

Starting at only 1.6 metres in length, the addition of a dog wash is a smart addition for a diverse range of business premises.

Our dog washes are durable and able to withstand many years of continued use and are a great way to attract new customers.

The photo above shows a former LPG gas tank storage area that was converted into a dog washing bay. The owner transformed the concrete footings that supported the tanks into a seat and dog grooming area by adding fake grass to the top. Now, this previously underutilised area is a thriving, revenue-raising addition to the business.

compact car wash solutions vacuum
Able to fit in a single car space, compact self serve vacuums are a cost-effecitve revenue raising solution.

Self Serve Vacuums

Able to fit in a standard car space, the installation of a single or double self serve vacuum is cost-effective way to start raising additional revenue quickly.

Look around your business…

Is there an underutilised area at your premises that could benefit from the installation of any of the above? Could the addition of an all weather shade canopy transform a space into a self serve vehicle or dog washing facility?  If so, contact our team for advice and an obligation-free cost analysis.  We’re here to help.