Istobal n’joywash Self Serve

A top quality wash in a small space.

Professional high-pressure manual wash for facilities with limited potential for a car wash system and restricted installation space.
When space is at a premium, the Istobal N’JoyWash series is a versatile solution.  Developed for self serve single bays, the N’JoyWash has all the necessary features to ensure a top quality wash that has been designed to satisfy your customer’s needs and maximise your profits.

Features of the N’JoyWash series

Maximum returns for minimum investment.

The N’JoyWash combines the advantage of a compact unit size for all those smaller spaces, with outstanding performance, ensuring that you receive maximum returns for the minimum of investment.

In addition, the N’JoyWash is available with either Buy-Time or Multi programme configurations as standard.

Enhanced performance in reduced areas.

Compact units but great performers with reduced investment. Istobal N’JoyWash is the ideal solution for maximum performance in reduced areas, guaranteeing a consistently perfect result.

Solutions that can be installed quickly and easily.

The versatility of our multi-bay jet wash equipment also applies to the facility site. Equipment pre-installation and interconnection with the rest of systems through different modular solutions in either a cabinet or a container facilitates installation and makes better use of available room.

With different installation possibilities and with all payment methods available, the most advanced terminals complete a cutting-edge jet wash area for a unique experience and an extraordinary finish.

Customer experience

Innovation for an amazing car wash experience.

Surprising users with new jet wash features and technological developments is key to making a difference and achieving customer loyalty.

Istobal has a wide range of accessories intended to add comfort and fun to the car wash experience. Accessories especially designed for motorcyclists and cyclists, for perfectionists, and for those who enjoy car caring to the full.

  • Accesories for a first class bicycle and motorbike wash.
  • Pressure regulator for easiness of use.
  • Mousse for a spectacular effect.
  • Hand-held dryer for a finish free of water spots.
  • Tyre polish for a shiney finish.
  • Children’s gun for a family car wash experience.
  • On-bay air freshener system for a sensory experience.
  • Lighting system for a night wash.
  • On-bay music device for great entertainment.
istobal njoypack30 self serve