A new, state-of-the-art car wash facility in Parkes, country NSW.

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Kustom Autospa Parkes is a flagship car wash facility where state-of-the-art equipment and a customer-centric focus is delivering exceptional results for the owner.

Good Sight recently completed the equipment design and installation at Kustom Autospa, a brand new car wash facility in Parkes, country NSW. The site was designed by the team at RJ Sinclair, who worked in close consultation with the Good Sight team.

For several years before Kustom Autospa’s owner, Jason, saw his car wash dreams finally become a reality, he worked with the Good Sight team researching and planning a facility that is, to his credit, a flagship for the entire industry.

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Even the smallest detail has been considered.

Jason, a passionate car collector, worked closely with our team in every aspect of the build from start to finish.

Even down to the smallest detail, customer satisfaction was top of Jason’s decision-making process.  Parkes is a close-knit rural community of around 15,000 people so word of mouth and repeat business are the cornerstone of the facility’s success.  And, it’s paying off! From day one, business has been booming, quickly surpassing Jason’s expectations.

Importantly, Good Sight’s after installation support offered Jason the peace of mind that his equipment will be maintained and serviced by our expert technicians, keeping his equipment in great working order so they deliver fantastic wash results for his customers every time.

car wash installation parkes equipment

Machine and accessory selection.

This is a big facility comprising a range of self-serve, touchless and automatic machines. Each has its merits and was installed to cater to the car care needs of the diverse local community

Ryko Radius Touchless Car Wash

The Ryko’s North American built Radius was installed to accommodate vehicle owners who prefer a touch-free wash.  Through powerful water impingement (force of water hitting the vehicle) and superior spray patterns, the Radius delivers exceptional wash quality without the use of brushes.

Important in a rural setting, the Radius comfortably accommodates larger vehicles including those fitted with bull bars, aerials, floodlights, etc.

At Kustom Autospa, this robust machine runs 24/7 offering customers the convenience of a fast wash at a time that suits them.

car wash installation parkes m'nex22 combination

Istobal M’Nex 22 Combination

The Istobal M’Nex22 Combination machine has the potential of three different wash options – a soft brush wash, a pure touch less wash or the combination of both for a superior wash finish.

At Kustom Autospa, we installed the optional taller and wider model of the M’Nex22 Combination to accommodate larger vehicles and those fitted with aftermarket extras (bull bars, etc).

“The wash quality of the 22 is brilliant. It’s also very reliable,” says Jason.

To educate and assist his customers, Jason has a ‘car wash concierge’ positioned at the start of the M’Nex22 to assist new customers in choosing the right wash and to answer any questions they may have about the wash process.

As would be expected in a smaller town where a car wash facility of this calibre hasn’t been seen before, people are concerned about damage to their vehicles.  Having a real person available to avail these concerns has been extremely beneficial and there is frequently a queue of cars waiting to use the machine – even outside of peak times.

The concierge even applies bug spray to windscreens and hands out lollipops to the kids. It’s all part of offering an exceptional customer experience – and it’s working!

car wash installation parkes self serve

Self serve wash bays plus a Super Bay

Again, with the customer’s needs in mind, we installed four, standard self-serve wash bays plus one Super Bay.

These are equipped with GinSan Direct Drive system.  These are engineered to provide an economical and space saving solution and can be configured for 1-6 bays. Their vertical assembly means they only require a 1.2m x 1.2m footprint.

In each bay, Mosmatic self-serve dryers were installed. These are safe and gentle on vehicle paintwork and leave a streak-free finish.  This profit-generating option can be easily added by the customer via the wash bay selection panel.

car wash installation parkes caravan washing

The Super Bay is both longer and wider than a standard self-serve bay and is designed to accommodate larger vehicles such as caravans, horse floats, boats and trucks. Front and rear wash booms mean customers don’t have to move their vehicle for an effective, all-over clean.

According to Jason, the Super Bay has been a hit with the Parkes community.

“The biggest surprise is the Super Bay. Even though it takes up a large footprint, it is regularly used by customers. Surprisingly, even during winter and during all the rain we’ve had,” says Jason.

car wash installation parkes dog wash

A car wash facility enjoyed by the local community

Kustom Autospa has become a valuable addition to Parkes and this is evidenced by the volume of customers each day and the frequency of their visits.

“Entire families are coming, each bringing their own car, from big 4WDs to little Kias. Even vintage car owners are trusting us with their prized possession. Some customers are washing their cars three times a week – I would never have anticipated that,” says Jason.

To provide customers with the convenience of all-inclusive car care, Jason installed a range of accessories including:

GinSan IVS Power Vac Combos – These powerful, user-friendly combination machines have turbo vacuuming capabilities plus shampoo and fragrance options.

LED lighting and coloured foam – The LED lighting and foam options were upgraded on all machines.  Jason tells us that customers are taking their kids through the car washes just for the light show and coloured foam.

K9000 twin dog wash – These robust dog washes are durable enough to withstand years of continual use. Practical and functional, they include high security and easy cleaning with a tilt floor system and multistage hair filtration.

Coffee van – Coming soon!

car wash installation parkes service and repairs

Service and support.

The completion of this project is just the start of our relationship with Kustom Autospa.  We are now supporting Jason and his team with 24/7 support.  Now the site is open, it’s paramount that, should any problems arise, that our service specialists are able to resolve problems quickly and efficiently to ensure maximum productivity at all times.

“Good Sight’s service has been really good. I’ve got good relationships with a few of the service guys. If my main contact is not available, there is always a backup. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Good Sight,” says Jason.

car wash installation parkes self serve facility

Drop in. We know you’ll be impressed!

And finally, if you’re passing through Parkes (or close by), drop in and take a look around Kustom Autospa.  This is a facility that, through thoughtful design and excellent equipment selection, is catering to the specific needs of the local community which is driving new and repeat business.

Kustom Autospa is a flagship car wash facility that Good Sight is honoured to have been part of.

If you’re considering building a new car wash, contact the team at Good Sight for an obligation-free chat.  We can advise you on everything from site selection and design, equipment options, profit-generating accessories, automation, and even signage.  Good Sight is your partner in business and investment success.

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