Car Wash Installation – My Wash, Campbelltown

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My Wash in Denham Court, NSW, has proved to be an increasingly popular car wash facility for both locals and commuters.

Located in a former rural area of the Campbelltown LGA, redevelopment and the addition of new housing estates has transformed former cow pastures and market gardens into a fast growing community.

The Good Sight team worked closely with the business owner during the development of the site. With consideration given to the location and local demographics, the following was installed:

The FLEX 5’s five brush configuration and program flexiblitity equates to greater wash speeds. Additionally, the Flex 5 offers customers the choice of a touchless, softwash or a combination of programs.

The four self serve bays include the upgraded Istobal Avant self-serve system with the floor mounted touch panels for a simplified customer experience.  The Avant is Istobal’s modular self serve wash system that can be optioned to suit any specification or customer budget.

At the My Wash facility we integrated credit card and cash payment systems on all equipment.  For added security, we integrated Istobal’s coin vacuum system thereby removing any cash from the bays and equipment back into an isolated coin vault.

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Istobal FLEX 5 Car Wash

Capable of using either 5 or 3 brushes.

FLEX5 is the only rollover in the market that is capable of using either five or three brushes without changing machines and in just a working day. Its countless solutions make the M’NEX range reliable, efficient and technological, with flexibility pushed to its limits. FLEX5 is the solution to changing needs at the car wash facility.

Machine features

The effectiveness and reliability typical of the M’NEX range are now paralleled by FLEX5: an unprecedented rollover with total flexibility and no limits. If needs change in your car wash facility,your car wash machine can also change.

ISTOBAL’s R&D department has managed to develop and patent a new rollover concept defined by versatility and conversion from 3 to 5 brushes, thus meeting our customers’ present and future needs without making any new investments.

3 brushes – ZENIT fairing

  • Brush travel and lift by means of frequency converters, with 10º tilt of vertical brushes for better wash control.
  • Flexible configuration to customise programmes, speed and product dosing control.
  • Link-it brush system: available in link-feel, link-foam and link-tex materials and in 17 colours.
  • Optimised rinse and wax circuits for a perfect finish.
  • Maximum customisation flexibility: 19 colours available, large variety of fairings, light signs and pictograms.

5 brushes – XTRA fairing

  • Includes 3rd wheel in 5-brush version for additional structure stability.
  • Up to 30% shorter wash and dry times compared to 3-brush machine.
  • Great variety of drying options: full dryer, horizontal dryer with adjustable diffuser and Smartflow dryer.

Sanitisation program

Data to take into account: It can be installed on all M’NEX (except M’NEX27), Flex5 and M’START rollover models. Available for new machines with RC123COV Sanitization. Also available with Upgrade Kit*.

What is it: Exterior sanitization of vehicles on wash rollovers.

How does it work? It can be configured at the end of the washing process, without rinsing or drying, but achieving maximum sanitation of the vehicle, or in the middle of the washing process, so that the level of sanitization is less, but a better final finish is achieved.

Chemical product used: Lufragerm. Consult concentration with the Technical Department.

More Information

If you would like more information or have any questions about upgrading your car wash facility or the features of the FLEX 5, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help.

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