Water saving innovation for a sustainable car wash industry.

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Eco-friendly car washes. Innovation in the car wash industry.

Globally, manufacturers of car wash equipment are developing integrated technologies that reduce water, chemical usage and energy consumption, to foster a sustainable industry for the future.

Leaders in this field are Istobal who are committed to eco-friendly car wash equipment that reduces water consumption and chemicals, and lowers energy usage.  Good Sight is the supplier of Istobal car wash equipment in Australia.

A water reclamation or water recycling system can reuse over 80% of the water used at your carwash facility. Not only will this reduce your utility bills and environmental impact but it provides you with a point of difference to attract eco-conscious customers.

Protecting the car wash industry from drought and water scarcity

In times of drought and water scarcity (conditions Australians are familiar with), it is important the car wash industry is equipped to cope with such environmental changes. To this end, Istobal has been a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly technologies that provide the car wash industry with solutions to cope with water scarcity by recycling, saving and decontamination water in car wash facilities.

Did you know… washing your car in a sustainable car wash facility (rollover or jet wash) with integrated water treatment solutions uses 70 litres of water compared to manual hand washing with a private hose which uses 500 litres of fresh water? (source: Istobal). 

Istobal’s water treatment equipment reduces water consumption whilst still achieving impeccable vehicle wash results. Importantly, the inclusion of water recycling systems makes it possible for car washes to operate during water restrictions.

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Istobal M’Wash4 rollover uses 40% less water compared to previous models.

The latest car washing equipment offers exceptional water saving

Their state-of-the-art biological recycler with an ultrafiltration system is capable of recycling up to 100% of the water from the exterior car washing process.  This innovative technology achieves the highest water quality for subsequent reuse in all washing stages, including osmosis in the final finish – equating to a saving of up to 2 million litres of water per year at each rollover. 

Istobal’s research indicates that not using water recycling systems on rollover car washes can result in annual water wastage similar to leaving a tap running all day for more than three years (source: Istobal). 

Eco-friendly car washing solutions, whilst having a focus and respect for the environment, wash quality, user experience and profitability still remain a priority. Istobal’s vehicle wash equipment enables efficient consumption of resources, and maximum reduction of water, energy and chemical consumption without affecting the final cleaning result and prioritising the safety of end users and operators.

Through ongoing research and development, Istobal is constantly introducing innovations to save water and reduce the energy consumption of its equipment.

The latest generation of Istobal rollovers reduces water use by 40% compared to previous models, thanks to brush materials that absorb less water and better redistribution of the water circulation circuit, among other technologies.

Istobal’s latest generation pressure jet wash has reduced water consumption by 33%.  The jet wash uses 75% less chemicals and 32% less energy consumption.

Connectivity to Istobal’s Smartwash technology has the added benefit of telematics control so car wash owners can remotely check and adjust consumption.

Water is fundamental to the car wash industry.

Water is a fundamental resource of the car wash industry.  In these changing times, we are reminded that water is a limited resource that may not always be readily available for us to use at our discretion.  With advances in vehicle wash equipment, car wash operators now have the tools and resources to protect their businesses during times of water scarcity and drought.

Water treatment and recycling technology for the car wash industry is readily available here in Australia – and at competitive prices – making it possible for all operators to make a profitable investment toward the future of their business protecting them in times of water scarcity.

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For more information and advice about water-saving and recycling solutions suitable for your car wash facility, contact our friendly team. We’re here to help.

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Water saving innovation for a sustainable carwash industry

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