Need car wash finance? We’ve got your covered!

car wash finance

Need finance to set up a new car wash business or expand an existing one? We’ve got you covered.

Good Sight offers a choice of car wash financing options to suit the needs of all businesses.

Our finance team can find you the best option to suit your requirements.  Our 100% financing options are an exciting proposition because most other lenders only offer 70% financing – usually with an assortment of restrictions. For loans under $300,000, approval can be completed within 10 days. For loans of $300,000 plus, we can have an answer within 21 days.   All we need is a set of financials.

To make the approval process as seamless as possible, we can even assist in the provision of cash flow models.

Waiting for an insurance claim? We’ll get you back in business faster!

Over the past few years, many Australian business owners have been the victims of unprecedented environmental events.

In the aftermath, it’s been widely reported that insurance companies have struggled under the pressure of so many claims at once with processing times taking a lot longer.

Thankfully, we’re able to offer our customers 100% financing options, getting them back up and running at full capacity quickly, while they wait for their insurance claim to be processed. Then, when the claim is processed, the loan is extinguished (or they can use it to expand or upgrade other equipment).

Your partners in business success…

Below are just a few examples of how our customers have benefited from our financing options in the past few months.

  1. When their existing touchless machine was damaged in the floods, this Hunter Valley car wash used finance to replace it with a new Istobal Tracer. They borrowed a little extra and installed an additional self-serve jet wash, a new dog wash, plus two self-serve vacuums.
  2. A customer in Queensland wanted to cater to extra customer demand and increase overall revenue so used finance to purchase and install another Istobal N’Avant self-serve jet wash.
  3. A customer in Victoria used finance to increase revenue at their site by installing a second Tracer touchless machine.
  4. When their self-serve equipment was damaged in the floods, a Queensland car wash operator used finance to get them back up and running within a few weeks.
  5. When their rollover blew up when an electricity transformer short-circuited, rather than waiting for their insurance claim to be processed, this Wollongong carwash operator used finance to install a new Istobal M’Nex22 combination machine so they were back up and running within two weeks (continue reading the article here).

Whatever your requirements, Good Sight has a finance option to suit.  We really are your partner in business success.

To discuss how our finance options can help you expand your facility or get you back in business quicker, get in touch for advice.