Car wash upgrade at Avanti Carwash Cairns, Far North Queensland

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The facility owner wanted to upgrade his old rollover carwash to a new machine that would be easy to maintain and could accommodate larger vehicles and mini buses.

Avanti Carwash is a privately run vehicle wash facility located just outside of Cairns in Far North Queensland.

The site had an existing German-made rollover car wash that was becoming old and increasingly unreliable.

For years, the facility owner, who has quite some technical understanding, had personally repaired and maintained the machine himself to keep the downtime as low as possible.

However, right from the outset he found the German-made machine was too complex and hard to program.

Additionally, he wanted to upgrade to a wider and taller machine that could accommodate mini buses and SUVs so he could better service a wider range of customers.

When Jamie Buchan, our Queensland regional manager, met with the facility owner he was made acutely aware that he required a simple, easy to maintain machine that would still provide first-class washing results without any unnecessary complexities.

Without hesitation, Jamie suggested the Istobal M’Nex22 automatic rollover.

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The Istobal M’Nex22 automatic rollover carwash was the perfect solution.

Not only has the M’Nex22 been designed to produce a quality wash with high throughput and can be easily programmed to offer a choice of wash programs.  The M’Nex22 can also be customised to provide a larger wash bay.

The M’Nex22 was the perfect solution for the client.

We are extremely pleased to report that the client is very happy with the Istobal M’Nex22. We installed a customised 2.5m high and 2.7m wide model so his facility can now easily accommodate larger and longer vehicles, including mini vans and SUVs.

The new machine is much simpler for him to service and maintain whilst he has the confidence that our nationwide service team are available to assist, if required. Perhaps now he can take a well-deserved vacation!

If you have any questions about how the M’Nex22 can revolutionise your wash facility, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Customer Testimonial

“I would like to thank Good Sight for their exceptional service installing our new Istobal M’Nex22 carwash machine. Their dedication, effort, professionalism and workmanship are second to none.  Our staff and myself would like to congratulate Good Sight for such great technicians. Although being hit with unforeseen circumstances both technicians made it possible to be operational in a very professional manner. Thank you very much again,” – Claus Kraemer, Avanti Carwash.

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Istobal M’Nex22 automatic rollover carwash

Istobal’s M’Nex 22 automatic carwash has been designed to exceed expectations!  Its elegant, modular design sets a new trend while meeting all your automatic vehicle wash needs.

This new generation of rollover car washes stands out in so many ways: looks, mechanics, flexibility, and versatility. It has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the carwash world.

The machine’s adaptability makes it different to anything the market has ever known before. The interior immediately appeals with a stylish, modern design combined with the latest technology and maximum reliability.

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Features of the Istobal M’Nex 22 automatic rollover

  • Wash and dry rollover comprising 2 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controlled by power transducers.
  • Option to include different dryer combinations on the same rollover.
  • Optional structure powder coating with a minimum thickness of 60 micras (30μ primer, 30μ colour)
  • A pneumatic pump with an extra high flow rate powerfully applies a chemical product specially formulated for removing mosquitos and stubborn dirt to ensure an exceptional finish.
  • The new rotating 80 bar High Pressure fitted to the wheel wash means that the rims can be worked on more thoroughly as indeed can the whole vehicle itself. Its dual action spin gives better results on new wheel rim designs.
  • Rollover structure made of hot-dip galvanised steel with a minimum thickness of 50 micras.
  • Service lines connected by energy chain.
  • 4-nozzle wax circuit and shampoo circuit with pneumatic dosing pumps specific to each circuit.
  • Electronic circuits set up for connection to self-service.
  • Hydraulic circuit can work with two different types of water.
  • Non-drip system.

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