Are your activation equipment and payment terminals using the 3G network?

3g car wash payment terminals
If your site is running older activation equipment and payment terminals, it’s worthwhile checking whether they’re relying on the 3G network to function.

The 3G network is shutting down. Start preparing now.

The 3G network is shutting down in June 2024 so you should start planning the migration over to 4G / 5G technology now.

With most equipment, the process will be as simple as upgrading to 4G / 5G compatible hardware and software.

While some terminals may be too old to adapt and will require replacement, new technology offers significantly better security that will protect your data and that of your customers.

What should you do next?

Not sure how to proceed? Contact our friendly team for advice. Depending on the age of your equipment and the requirements of your facility, we can advise of the best way forward.