Reduce costs and increase productivity at your automotive workshop and car wash facility

tips for running a car wash and valet service

Tips for running a successful car wash facility.

Never before has the saying ‘cash is king’ been more relevant. Since the Coronavirus pandemic put the brakes on the automotive industry, there have been many news stories about good businesses having to cease trading because of a lack of cash flow.

The cost of running an automotive workshop and car wash facility.

Running an automotive workshop and car wash facility has always been an overhead cost leader – a huge but necessary evil when it comes to service and profitability. Not anymore!

Traditionally, motor vehicle dealers have either paid third-party companies or employed a number of people to valet their sales and service vehicles by hand. This is usually costed on a per-person, per-day basis.

The costs of this based on an average of three people generally come to a minimum of over $1000.00 per day. That’s almost $250,000 per year, per dealership.  

We have a solution that reduces costs and increases cash flow.

We can install an automatic car wash (rollover) at your dealership with zero capital outlay and on a pay-per-wash basis. Assuming a volume of washing 40 cars per day, the cost is less than $1 per wash. That includes chemicals, maintenance, electricity and water.

The more cars a dealer washes per day, the cheaper the cost per wash becomes. For example, a wash and dry cycle takes less than five minutes therefore, the greater the volume, the lower the cost per wash.

The result? More cars washed giving a consistent finish to every car. Importantly at this time, there are fewer people on-site and fewer touchpoints on a car.

You employ one person or use existing staff to move the cars around your site and vacuum the cars and black the tyres. It is a formula that works.

There is no expectation for this anymore. A machine provides further upselling opportunities. How many of your customers would pay $5 on top of their service bill to have their car waxed, polished and now disinfected too? We estimate 50-60 per cent. A loss leading operation is now a profit maker.

Build customer relationships.

When a customer buys a car from you, offer to wash it for them for free for life. If they come in once a month, it costs you less than $12 per year but will retain their custom for years to come while keeping the rapport with the customer and increasing your customer service retention.

It can help sell cars too. When a potential customer walks through the door, take their existing keys from them and wash their current car. They won’t say no, it builds trust immediately and it keeps them in the showroom. Plus, if they are part-exchanging you can do a more accurate appraisal.

Share costs with other dealerships.

COVID has devastated a lot of businesses across many industries.  Finding new ways to make and save money is key as customers embrace the new normal. If you have other dealerships around you, perhaps you can all forces and share the cost with them or charge them for using the car wash. It reduces their costs and increases your own revenue.

With Covid-19 having an impact on the number of new hand car washes reopening, the ultimate step if you have space and site layout allows to open the car wash to the public.

Our Smartwash technology allows all aspects of the machine to be managed from a control panel or dashboard on your laptop and mobile device.

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Should you have any questions about how you can reduce operating costs and increase profitability, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.  We’re here to help and work with you to make your business a success.

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