A clean truck or heavy vehicle is about more than looks

heavy vehicle truck washing equipment
Below is a copy of an article published in Big Rigs magazine highlighting Good Sight’s heavy vehicle and truck washing equipment range and the importance of keeping heavy vehicles and trucks clean.

Having a clean rig is about more than looks.

Fleet managers and heavy vehicle operators know the importance of keeping their trucks clean – and the financial cost and inconvenience associated with having to do so, if they don’t have the necessary equipment available onsite.

A clean rig is not just about looking great.

A clean rig is not just about looking great. Having a truck that is free from dirt and grime is an important part of ongoing maintenance that ensures your vehicle is running safely and, importantly, adheres to traffic authority regulations and bio security requirements.

Since 1968, Good Sight have been Australia’s leading suppliers of vehicle wash equipment.  They are now the sole Australian distributors of Istobal’s range of truck and bus wash equipment to ensure your fleet is clean from top to bottom, inside and out.

For smaller fleet operators, Istobal’s manually operated, high pressure truck wash systems are a great solution.

For smaller fleet operators, Istobal’s manually operated, high pressure truck wash systems are a great solution. For larger fleets, with higher volume requirements, Istobal’s range features fully automated rollovers and touchless machines.

To compliment these are low and high pressure under chassis and wheel wash systems.  There are even solutions for interior washing of refrigerated trailers and shipping containers.

The latest in water recycling technology ensures operating costs are kept to a minimum and your environmental impact reduced.

With Good Sight and Istobal as part of your team, no matter the shape and size of your fleet, all your heavy vehicle wash requirement are covered.

Istobal’s heavy vehicle wash equipment is suitable for a comprehensive range of Australian industries including freight and logistics, livestock and rural transport, tankers, and waste management.

Improve and reduce the costs associated with heavy vehicle cleaning obligations

Since launching the new Istobal range, Good Sight has been assisting civil and haulage contractors who must adhere to EPA and Local Government regulations, assisting them to improve and reduce the costs associated with their heavy vehicle cleaning obligations.

Interestingly, Good Sight has noticed an influx of private operators opening up specialised, stand-alone truck wash facilities near large logistic and warehouse distribution centres around the country.  This is an exciting development for the industry.

Interested in adding heavy vehicle wash equipment to your facility? The team at Good Sight can put together a cost projection analysis highlighting how the addition of new equipment (or the upgrade of old equipment) can improve your bottom line. They even have 100% financing options available.

Backed by an Australia-wide support network and full inventory of spare parts.

Best of all, Good Sight have an Australia-wide support network of qualified service technicians backed by a full inventory of spare parts. They offer flexible and economical maintenance options, providing their customers with peace of mind that their equipment runs efficiently at all times.

For more information, contact Good Sight directly on (02) 9757 4700.