Truck washes and garbage truck washing equipment

garbage truck cleaning equipment

How do you keep garbage trucks clean and sanitised?  With a dirty big machine, of course!

Not many of us give a second thought to the hard-working garbage trucks that take away our waste and keep our streets clean.  Have you ever wondered how they’re washed and sanitised, and more interestingly, what equipment does this ‘dirty’ work?

Garbage trucks are a varied bunch.

With different body shapes, varying sizes and loading units jutting out front and rear, garbage trucks are an odd and varied bunch. It takes complex and versatile equipment to wash, clean and disinfect these behemoths.

Generally, a garbage truck is washed every 3 days, some daily.  Most commonly they are washed after their shift, once the vehicle is back at the lot. This way, they’re clean and ready to do their job the following day.

Improving road safety for all road users.

Not only are clean garbage trucks more pleasant for the community but make it easier for maintenance managers to diagnose and repair mechanical faults. Oil leaks can be detected quickly, improving road safety for drivers and other road users.

As the Australian distributors of Istobal heavy vehicle wash equipment, we provide customised options for waste disposal fleets of all sizes. Whether you have a small or large fleet, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

In the video below, watch the Istobal HW’ROTATORS washing a tanker, dump truck and tractor.