Car wash equipment upgrade in South Australia. New Istobal M’Nex22 installed.

car wash equipment south australia
In late 2023, we replaced an old rollover machine at a busy convenience site with a new Istobal M’Nex22 automatic carwash.  Their customers now enjoy a better quality wash and the convenience of time-saving technology. The site owners are reporting an increase in customer satisfaction and profitability.

We had worked with this customer for many years, initially installing a Ryko Excel automatic rollover on the site 15 years ago.  As one of the busiest convenience locations in the area, this hard-working rollover had been a highly productive workhorse, and provided the owner with an exceptional return on investment.

The site owner was planning extensive renovations at the site and decided to upgrade to a newer machine at the same time.

car wash equipment south australia

We had been maintaining the old Ryko Excel machine throughout it’s life and, while the old machine could have lasted for a few more years, the site owner wanted to introduce new technology and customer conveniences that couldn’t be integrated into the old equipment.

Due to advancements in car wash technology over the past 15 years, the new Istobal M’Wash automatic carwash range offers a greater range of options and a more improved wash quality.  The new M’Nex22 will certainly prove to be a valuable addition.

Working closely with the renovation builders, we assisted in the strip out and repainting of the wash bay.  Working closely together with the other trades meant we could reduce downtime and get the new automatic rollover operational very quickly.

Now, the business and their customers are benefiting from a greater range of car washing solutions and the Istobal M’Nex22 is providing to be a profitable addition to this high-traffic operation.

car wash equipment south australia

automatic rollover car wash mnex 22

features and benefits

Istobal M’Nex22 Automatic Rollover Carwash

The Istobal M’Nex22 automatic rollover will not only meet all your automatic vehicle washing needs but will exceed your expectations. Standing out in so many ways – looks, mechanics, flexibility, versatility – the M’Nex22 has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world.

  • Wash and dry rollover comprising 2 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controlled by power transducers.
  • Option to include different dryer combinations on the same rollover.
  • Optional structure powder coating with a minimum thickness of 60 micras (30μ primer, 30μ colour)
  • Foamy chemical spray. A pneumatic pump with an extra high flow rate powerfully applies a chemical product specially formulated for removing mosquitos and stubborn dirt to ensure an exceptional finish.
  • Disc wheel wash with high pressure. The new rotating 80 bar High Pressure fitted to the wheel wash means that the rims can be worked on more thoroughly as indeed can the whole vehicle itself. Its dual action spin gives better results on new wheel rim designs.

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