Istobal M’NEX 24 Touchless Car Wash

Goodsight Istobal MNEX24

An Istobal touchless car wash.

Results you can see and feel.

Istobal M’NEX24 Contour is a touch-free automatic gantry machine that utilizes state of the art photocell and software technology to map the shape of the vehicle.

Once mapped the stored information allows the Contour Max to keep its high-pressure nozzles at the correct distance from the vehicles surfaces – the precise distance for maximum effectiveness of the high pressure water. The technology saves operators expensive pre-soak chemicals, excess water and electricity while producing industry leading, touch free cleaning solution.

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Machine Features

The  M’NEX 24 Contour Max is faster, more thorough and operates for less than its competition and produces the results you can see and feel.

A difference you can feel

Contouring high pressure & chemical application: Istobal combines high pressure of 1200 PSI with photo cell guided contouring technology to perfectly profile the vehicle’s horizontal surfaces. The profiling high-pressure nozzles maximize power, conserve water and electricity, while creating faster high-quality washes.

Touch free wheel bases

Hammer-style, high pressure, rotating touch free wheel blasters are standard with Contour Max. Through the use of photo cells and cutting-edge software, this machine finds and target-blasts wheels and tires. Customisable programing allows operators to select wheel-only or wheel and rockers settings, allowing for many wash menu options.

Dual action wheel scrubber

Istobal perfectly utilizes modern technology to locate, map and then thoroughly clean the vehicle’s wheels and rocker panels. Istobal dual-action wheel scrubbers utilise soft brushes that counter rotate with integrated 1200 PSI targeted directly on the wheels. The industry’s best wheel and tire cleaning technology creates visibly cleaner wheels and happy repeat customers!

360 fast foam technology

Twin chemical and rinse capability: The Istobal M24 Contour Max can be equipped with two-step and 360 Fast Foam technologies. These allow operators to apply two chemicals on a single pass, save application time and create more dwell time for chemical reaction. Super wax conditioners and spot free rinses can also be combined on a single pass for speed and environmental efficiency.


All electric drive and control systems with VFD’s for precise control of all wash movements. Increased speed, productivity, and performance.

Customer appeal and ease of use

Create your own identity and pick from over 20 custom colours available for your choosing. Options include on-board LED pictograms and universal driver instruction. Photo Eye Start is standard, creating a clean
floor for easy entry to the wash.

Revenue enhancing options

Tri-foam, Super Wax application, Spot-free rinse, undercarriage wash, and dual-action wheel scrubbers can create a wide variety of wash programs, while helping you provide cleaner cars and creating more profits.

“Smart Access” Remote Managemen tSoftware

Istobal engineers and Siemens have partnered to create a software program that allows M24 Contour Max operators to combine a PC and the “Screen @ Access” software with Ethernet capability to remotely monitor and manage their Istobal machines. The two-way communication system allows for remote reset capability, wash program selection and modification as well as access to all operation and performance data. It’s the industry’s most complete remote management package!

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We offer an extensive range of automatic brush machines (also called “rollovers”) to suit a variety of client requirements and site conditions.  Their elegant, modular design sets a new trend while meeting all your automatic vehicle wash needs.  New generation rollover car washes stand out in so many ways including looks, mechanics, flexibility, and versatility. Their modern, stylish interior, combined with the latest technology and maximum reliability in the wash, will satisfy even the most demanding car wash customer. Best of all our rollover car washes can adapt to suit a wide range of site conditions.

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