Good Sight are Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment including automatic machines, touchless, conveyor and drive-thru systems.

The Istobal Tracer is our automatic touchless wash system. The Tracer is a highly effective and rapid wash with an overhead gantry and a unique configuration allowing any type of vehicle to access it with ease.

Due to the open bay area, our touchless car washes use high-pressure recycled water and specially formulated wash chemicals to clean and meet your touch free wash customer’s requirements.

The Istobal Flex 5 is our flexible customisable brush wash. It can be ordered as a three brush machine and then upgraded to the five brush for a faster wash which means more cars per hour.

As your business grows, the Istobal Flex 5 can grow with it to increase the overall site revenue. We also offer the Istobal Flex 5 offering the wash options of a touchless or brush wash machine and the flexibility to be configured in a number of colors and styles.

Our self-serve bays are built and designed in Australia for the local car wash market featuring stainless steel pump bench and frame.

We offer flexibility in design for all types of vehicles including light commercials and trucks  as well as an optional under body wash.  

We can deliver various payment options as well including loyalty tag credit cards or cash.

 Available in two to six bay configurations that can be set up and built to meet various site-specific designs.

When developing our wash sites we work in close conjunction with leading industry designers who deliver our customers a complete concept design service.

We have over 50 years of experience in the vehicle washing industry and are happy to work in close conjunction with them to achieve a total design package for our customers.

Good Sight pride ourselves in offering a highly professional level of service and support to our clients throughout Australia.