Trent and Ian travel to Europe to check out Istobal HQ

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Good Sight tech managers, Trent Edwards and Ian Abbott, recently returned from Spain and the UK after exploring Istobal headquarters and car wash facilities throughout Europe.

With the launch of the new M’Wash range, the boys completed intensive training with the design and technical team at Istobal’s impressive facility in Valencia.

The factory is the hub of product development and manufacturing so the boys got invaluable hands-on experience, playing with the mechanics and electronics, and gaining a thorough understanding of the installation process.

“From a technical perspective, the new M’Washes are going to be easier for us to install and service.  It was exciting to see the new designs in real life. They are great looking machines!” said Trent.

The boys reported it was interesting to see how the new N’Joy self serves had been developed as a simpler Plug N’ Play machine.

“With all the hard work done in the factory, when the N’Joys arrive onsite, they will be much simpler for us to set up and operational really quickly,” said Trent.

After completing training at the Spanish HQ, the boys then toured dozens of European and English car wash facilities.

Interestingly, they saw how popular Istobal’s new Smartwash system is.

From a technical perspective, the Smartwashes’ most exciting feature is how it constantly monitors Istobal equipment onsite and, as soon as it detects a problem, immediately reports to the service agents.

“This system is amazing!  We saw a service alert come through to a tech team and they were able to fix the problem remotely, without having to go onsite.  The problem was fixed within 20 minutes. The owner of the car wash didn’t even know there was an issue!” said Ian. 

It’s not just tech teams who are excited by the Smartwash system.  When integrated with the Smartwash app and number plate recognition cameras, car wash operators are able to more effectively sell wash packages to individuals, government agencies and fleet operators.  They’re happy because it creates a regular income stream and customers love it because they don’t have to get out of their car or speak to anyone.

After their trip, both Trent and Ian witnessed how technology and innovation is streamlining the car wash industry.  It’s exciting times ahead for all those involved.

If you have any questions about Trent and Ian’s trip to Europe and the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch via (02) 9757 4700.

istobal car washing equipment australia