Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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Current events around the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy continue to evolve.  At Good Sight Australia Pty Ltd, our employees, partners, and customers remain our top priority. Measures are being taken to contain and treat COVID-19, and we are committed to keeping you informed of our efforts to ensure minimal disruption to our services and mutual businesses.

We are following guidance outlined by the Australian federal and state governments and their respective Departments of Health as well as the WHO and other relevant bodies in relation to hygiene and safety recommendations ad other measures.  Our management and risk teams are continually monitoring the situation and directing activities to keep our business safely operating and maintaining continuity of critical services during this time.

Resource Availability

Good Sight has implemented recommended hygiene measures for minimising risk in our head office as well as our field engineers, and we have adapted work practices to accommodate these recommendations, e.g. suspending the practice of passing electronic tablets back and forth for signing of job-related and regulatory forms such as the WCPG. Good Sight continues to work with our subcontractors to ensure that our ability to deliver high quality and professional technical service continues. Thus far, no coronavirus contagions have been detected amongst our employees.

We have also ensured that our work force is aware of and complying with the various governments’ advice that anyone feeling unwell should stay home and not report to work. We are also following the governments’ recommendations on social distancing and have implemented additional cleaning and disinfecting practices in our various locations.

Business Continuity

Good Sight has taken steps to safeguard our ability to deliver products and services in the event of a detection of the coronavirus contagion amongst the team. Our business systems are in the cloud and use a remote access system to ensure ongoing access to business information, and our team members are all capable of working independently from home.  For critical functions in each key area of the business, contingency plans are in place to continue normal operations in a remote manner should the need arise, and our business technology supports this eventuality.

Additionally, we have taken steps to roster regular working from home arrangements amongst key head office staff in order to limit any impact that any potential temporary shutdown / cleaning of the head office would cause.  Our workforce is cross trained so that we are able to function in a short-staffed situation of a short duration.  We have also ceased any non-essential interstate travel.

Supply Chain

Good Sight has confirmed with our key suppliers that there are no substantive impacts to our ability to source equipment and spare parts. Our key car wash equipment suppliers, Istobal and Ryko / MacNeil, confirm that they do not foresee short-term supply failures due to the coronavirus.

This message of reassurance is based on the fact that at present they themselves have not suffered interruption of supply by our suppliers, nor contagions been detected among their employees.

They, like Good Sight, have adopted different measures to minimise possible risks to the continuity of the supply chain, such as sourcing alternative sources of supply and increasing in parts stock held during this situation, in addition to regular monitoring of delivery of materials from high risk areas and of course the of our employees.

Good Sight is in the fortunate position of having a considerable amount of stock in house and even of having fortuitously placed large top-up orders from our key suppliers in Spain, Italy, and the USA just prior to this situation becoming severe. This includes spare parts as well as car wash machines.

We also have long-standing relationships with several metal and machining shops in NSW which have and still do custom manufacturing of spare parts for us. These sources can be ramped up on short notice if needed to cover potential specific interruptions of our supply chain.

Likewise, we have had confirmation from our chemical suppliers that they do not foresee any interruptions, despite their practice of sourcing raw materials and finished from providers based around the world including Germany, China, USA, South America.  Indeed, one of the suppliers is capable of manufacturing all their products in Australia and made the decision in February to bulk purchase raw materials to ensure continuous supply in case of raw material supply chain interruptions. This proactive move has resulted in 4 months of raw materials stock based on current volumes and enables supply our products on an ongoing basis with no interruption.  This situation, like Good Sight’s parts and machine stock situation, ensures that the fluctuating currency will not impact our business in a material way.


Considering the advance and spreading of the virus, it is possible that current circumstances could change in the medium term. If this happens, we will update you on the situation and take all precautions possible to avoid any disruptions to our services.

As market leader in Australia, Good Sight, due to our strategic planning and proactive measures already implemented, are highly confident convinced we will get through this and will continue to discharge our duties in the professional, safe, and innovative manner we have always done.  Our primary commitments to our customers and our employees remain unchanged.

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For up to date information on the governmental advice on the coronavirus, please check the Australian Government Department of Health website at www.health.gov.au, the NSW Department of Health website at www.health.nsw.gov.au, or contact the Coronavirus helpline on 1800 022 222. for advice on next steps.

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