Car Wash Industry Trade Show Update

car wash trade show australia 2022
After a COVID hiatus, the 2022 Australian Car Wash Industry Trade Show was held in September.

We’re very pleased to report that attendance numbers were high – evidence that the industry is strong and there is confidence among business operators.

A huge thank you to those who attended.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet new ones.

Our team were kept extremely busy trying to speak with the hundreds of people who visited our stand over the two days. If you didn’t get a chance to chat with the Good Sight team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have questions about the show.  We’d love to assist.

For those who couldn’t attend, below is a summary of the overall outcomes from the show based on the enquiries and questions we received.

car wash trade show 2022

Istobal M’Wash4

Having just arrived in Australia a few days before the event, the newly released Istobal M’Wash4 stood pride of place on our stand in all its high visibility glory.

The M’Wash4’s clean design and eye-catching appearance attracted the attention of many visitors from all corners of the Show.

Having the M’Wash4 on display provided our visitors with the opportunity to gauge the benefits and options that the machine can offer.

Representatives from Istobal’s HQ in Spain were onsite to highlight the company’s innovative technology and commitment to providing solutions for the global car wash market with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

car wash trade show 2022 darling harbour

Istobal Vacuum 4AA1200

The latest from Istobal’s self-serve vacuum range is the new 4AA1200.

This striking vacuum took centre stage on our stand and its stylish design and clean lines attracted A LOT of attention.

But it’s not just all about appearances… Designed for professional wash facilities and service stations, the impressive suction power of the high-velocity turbine motor in the Istobal 4AA1200 can remove dust and debris from inside any vehicle with incredible efficiency and a very low noise level.  Suitable for outdoor installations, it is quiet enough to be used in areas where noise restrictions apply or are a problem.

car wash trade show ica 2022

Gin San IVS Combination Vacuum

The Gin San IVS combination vacuum was another popular attraction at our stand.

This cost-effective system features a combination vacuum and fragrance option – an auxiliary feature with enticing income-raising potential.

The exterior graphics of the IVS combination vacuum are interchangeable giving facility operators the opportunity to enhance their branding.  A quick change of the exterior graphics can make them look as good, particularly when refurbishing an existing facility.

australian car wash industry trade show 2022

All your car wash equipment needs in one place

Conveyors and Tunnels

Craig Campbell, our conveyor car wash expert, was onsite and was kept busy fielding a raft of questions from new investors and facility owners keen to learn more about these machines.

Commonly called tunnel systems, conveyors are ideal for high peak volume sites that require a superior wash finish with high throughput.

Importantly, their potential to reduce operating costs whilst increasing productivity, makes them high on the ‘wish list’ of progressive investors and astute business owners.

car wash designers perth

Car Wash Enclosures and Buildings

The Istobal distributors from New Zealand joined us to showcase the latest concepts in Istobal’s Modular car wash enclosure design.

The Modular wash bays offer a very appealing, economical option for many new site builds

self serve car wash istobal njoyavant

Self Serve Jet Wash

And finally, we had the Istobal N’joywash modular self-serve wash system on display (photo above).

The N’joywash  is a fully self-contained cabinet wash that can operate as a standalone unit or  be incorporated into a self-serve wash bay

Having it on display at the Show allowed us to showcase its compact design, making it perfect for sites with restricted access and installation space.

With a range of features and flexibility to be adapted to any wash facility, the N’joy wash offers complete customer satisfaction whilst maximising returns.

Questions?  Get in touch!

If you were fortunate enough to attend the show and have questions about what you saw, please don’t hesitate to contact Good Sight for clarification.

If you weren’t able to attend and are keen to hear what attendees were talking about, get in touch as we’re happy to update you.

We hope to hear from you soon.