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Spring cleaning your car wash business

Tips for running a successful car wash business. Even car wash businesses benefit from a spring clean!  Seasonal checklists are a must-have. Not only do they keep business owners on track, it will help ensure a smooth transition from season to season, and that you’re ready for a new influx of business. A checklist will also help […]

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Helpful car wash cleaning checklist

TIPS FOR RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL CAR WASH BUSINESS. You’ve invested time and money in a property and equipment. Everything is shiny and new. Maintaining your facility long-term will keep customers coming back and help ensure they have a top-notch car wash to come back to. Even car wash businesses benefit from a spring clean!  Seasonal […]

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How car washes work

CAR WASH TECHNOLOGY. Did you know that you use everyday technologies when your car is washed?  A remote control, air conditioners, LED bulbs or a router have more in common with car wash machines than you might imagine. The car wash world is very technological. In equipment development, latest technical developments are implemented to make […]

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Do car washes save water? Do they recycle water?

Car wash equipment responsible water use. World Water Day is 22nd March.  With the slogan ‘Wastewater, Why waste water?’, the campaign raises awareness about the importance of protecting this scarce but essential resource for economic, social and environmental development. For the team at Good Sight, water is one of the basic elements of our work […]

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Save thousands with our Pay-Per-Wash Program

FLEET & RENTAL COMPANY CAR WASH EQUIPMENT Are you washing your service vehicles by hand? If you’re washing your service vehicles by hand you’ve probably noticed it’s expensive and time consuming. Our Pay-Per-Wash program will not only save you time but  may equate to an annual saving of up to $34,000 a year (see chart below). Save time and money with our […]

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Car wash business marketing : keeping your professional customers happy

HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL CAR WASH BUSINESS. Welcome to tip #7 in our series “Running a successful car wash business” where we aim to provide helpful advice to new and existing car wash owners in a bid to assist them in increasing customer patronage, revenue stream and profit margins. Whether you’re starting a car wash business or wanting […]