An insight into what we’ve got planned for 2023

car wash industry 2023
As we launch into 2023, we thought it might be poignant to introduce the new year with an insight into what we’ve got planned.
The launch of our heavy vehicle wash equipment website.

First was the launch of our new heavy vehicle wash equipment website. This is an exciting new chapter toward our vision of supplying, installing and servicing vehicle wash systems across all segments of the market including cars, commercial fleets, trucks, trams and trains.

With car wash facilities now on the ‘wish list’ of investors, we foresee exciting times ahead.

With vehicle wash facilities now ranking high on the ‘wish list’ of a growing assortment of investors, our sales team have hit the ground running and has been busy providing advice on the ins and outs of setting up new facilities and expanding existing ones.

It’s exciting to be part of an industry that ranks among childcare centres, restaurant franchises and a raft of popular business models, as a sought-after investment option.

Enquiries are ranging from first-time ‘Mum and Dad’ investors through to large-scale developers and, even, multi-national equity firms.

Good Sight is unique in its expertise in that we can assist in all aspects of setting up or expanding a vehicle wash facility. Our services can include concept drawings, the approval process, land use maximisation, facility design, investment return, finance, equipment supply, installation and ongoing maintenance.  We really are your partners in business success.

Investors are also seeking to purchase multiple, existing car wash facilities and the potential of leasehold opportunities.  Whilst this level of industry interest is commonplace in the North American and larger European markets, it is new for the Australian market. We foresee exciting times ahead…

Going green makes good business sense.

Also featured in the edition is how the vehicle wash industry is evolving to become more environmentally friendly. Going green isn’t just a trend – it makes good business sense.

New car wash installation, Far North Queensland.

Toward the end of 2022, we completed the upgrade of a car wash facility in Far North Queensland. The facility owner wanted to upgrade his old rollover carwash to a new machine that would be easy to maintain and could accommodate larger vehicles and mini buses.

We hope you enjoy the articles and ask that you don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team should you have any questions.

The Good Sight Team.