Ryko Radius Touchless Car Wash

ryko radius touchless car washes

In the world of Touch Free car washes, powerful water impingement, or the force of water hitting the vehicle, is critical to wash quality.

I-MAXX Cleaning Technology provides water impingement at it’s maximum and ensures that every vehicle that passes through a Ryko touch free wash site receives the best clean possible.

Ryko’s exclusive I-MAXX Cleaning Technology uses powerful advanced flow concepts, maximized superior spray pattern designs and high-speed wash passes to achieve the highest standards in vehicle wash quality.

If you believe that superior wash quality is a requirement for your car wash business, then insist on I-MAXX Cleaning Technology.

Large Vehicle Sizing – Size doesn’t matter to the Radius Touch Free unit, as any size production passenger vehicle will fit into the open bay of this wash system. Hummers and Duallies are always welcome for the highest quality wash without having to worry about width or height restrictions.

State of the art PLC – As computer and electronic technology continues to rapidly progress, Ryko is continually updating wash equipment in order to provide the most advanced product in the market. The Radius has been fitted with a new PLC that not only has significantly more computing ‘horsepower’ but also provides multiple benefits that every customer will appreciate.

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